Thursday, March 27, 2008


Why do I eat junk food?! Last night it was fried ice cream, tonight it was a fake oreo (Iceburg uses fake oreos in their shakes!) Now as I blog tonight I want to throw up because I ate one too many bites of the shake. I did it last night too, but the fried ice cream was way better than the nasty shake tonight! Oh well... it was still fun. Now I'll have to triple my efforts of losing the muffin I carry on my pants! WHY OH WHY!?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Spring Outfit!

Makenna got her swimsuit from her Mema and Papa for Easter and she was so excited that she wore it all day. We went outside to read some books and she said it was kind of cold so she decided she needed a hat to keep her warm!!! So I guess a swimsuit (summer) plus a snow hat (winter) equals SPRING!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

I was only able to grab a couple of pictures of the kids due to us running late for church as usual. And running late I mean, trying to make it 15 minutes early before sacrament starts so we can snag the seat behind the Smiths! Anyway, Easter was great and Kenna loved what the Easter bunny brought her. She had been waiting to wear her dress for about a month now so she was STOKED when I pulled it out of her closet! She thought she was Cinderella and was even more excited when I put her "magic crown" on here (aka headband). Gavin looked cute too, but he wasn't as excited about his outfit! I couldn't even take a decent picture of him because Kenna kept harassing him, but here they are!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Picnic in Diamond Valley!

Saturday we had our annual Easter picnic up at my family's ranch/farm/house. The weather is always interesting, but this weekend was actually pretty good. It was a little windy and chilly at first but it definitely warmed up and we had a great time! Brent played football with the guys, Kenna drove this adorable John Deere tractor around with her best friend/cousin Camryn, hunted for eggs, I relaxed a bit and Gavin hung out and slept. There was plenty of food and cupcakes to go around!


I would like to take a second and thank Adam and Eve for giving us our obnoxious weeds. If they would have stayed in the Garden and not fallen for Satans tricks, I wouldn't have wasted my Saturday night pulling them in my back yard! haha... well, I do know we all wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them, but whatev!
OK, so Brent and I have lived in our house for five flippin' years and we've had grass in our backyard for four years. But we have yet to put in rocks and plants in our back yard for some unknown reason... which means we get weeds. Now, I'm not talking about small little cute weeds, I'm talking about gargantuan weeds that sometimes get taller than me in a matter of two weeks!!! There are so many weeds that we can't even hire anybody to pull these weeds, so every year we end up pulling these stupid weeds and swear that we will never do it again. So last night for our date night last night that is what we did. Pulled our gargantuan weeds and have sworn we will never do it again. Now we have made plans for this weekend to put the weed paper down and lay rock down. Now will it happen!? Who knows, but as of now- we don't have weeds anymore! :) Once again, thank you Adam and Eve!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Princess, ponies and pictures!

Well we are back from SLC and have finally recovered! We had a lot of fun for the 36 hours we were gone! In a short version of the trip it was this!

Thanksgiving Point. We went to the petting zoo that they have and Kenna loved the chickens and the plastic table in the middle of the little area. She did ride the cute little pony though which I was surprised she got on! She did like it more than the picture shows.

Disney Princess on Ice. Makenna was FASCINATED with the show! Gavin slept half of the time and "watched" the rest, but Makenna just sat there and hardly moved the whole show! She giggled when the princesses she knew came out including the "little merlaid" and Cinderella! All of the pictures I took look like she is mad and bored because she was so absorbed in the show. I did get her to smile in one picture during intermission.

We also went to the Hansen Planetarium and she actually liked going and seeing all the planets and some ball thing! She loved crawling on the moon rocks and Mars rocks.

Here is a picture of Gavin at the show! He looks like he is enjoying it eh?!

Kenna now talks about "sleeping bluey" and the dragon with fire and Jasmine as well (she has never seen the shows but she liked them I reckon!) I hope I don't have to buy all the dress ups for those! Oh by the way, I'll never by another Barbie again. I thought it would be cute to buy Kenna a Little Mermaid Barbie (I hate Barbies BTW) and as soon as I opened the box she was undressed so now Kenna plays with a Mermaid with plastic "booties" (boobs) Anyway, laters!


One question... why does your whole face have to go numb when you get cavities filled? Shouldn't it just be the spot that they are working on? In modern medicine you think they would work on that one problem. HUH! Oh well... at least it wears off eventually!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


OK, so now that I have vented my "feelings" out I feel all better. And you are right Jill, thank goodness I didn't get a speeding ticket... I would have freaked especially since I haven't yet registered my car yet for the month. I hope that the cop gave you the ticket with whip cream on top like the cops at IHOP! Plus, my little girl is hilarious. She is like a little sponge and mimic. Every day she wants to watch Dora and Diego, so I allow her to watch one show of each... so after they are over she says "No more TV" and goes to shut the TV off. Today I turned the TV on about an hour after she was done watching TV and she said to me "No more TV mom, turn it off!" Now when did my little two year old become my mom?!" Then she told me I wasn't allowed to eat my "cupcake" (aka banana muffin) on the couch. I made her eat hers at the counter and then I sat down on the couch... anyway, she is so fun! On another note, I'm also so glad she likes to be girly! Whether its wearing her Cinderella high heels around in just her panties, or putting on her make up its great. Today she told me she wanted to have Pinkalicious fingers (which means she wanted me to paint her fingernails pink), so that is exactly what I got to do! I love it! Sometimes its a little frustrating when she won't hold still and gets fingernail polish all over the counter, but at least it comes off! She likes to show them off to whoever will look, but no one really understands when she says "I have pinkalicious finners" (thats how she says fingers)
Oh yeah. TV UPDATE TIME!!!

American Idol: Stripper boy went home and not Amanda (unfortunately) I'm sure she will once people get sick of her grunting and screaming! PS Why was Syeshia in the bottom?! I like her and why wasn't the short Filipino girl? And also why didn't the country chick Kristy go home! It sounded like she was killing a flippin' cat!

Regis and Kelly: Anderson Cooper filled in for Regis and was so funny today! They made fun of Paula Abdul all morning and they impersonate her pretty dang well.

RW/RR Challenge: Yeah, I don't know who watches MTV still but I love this show. I think its great and I would probably dominate if I were to go on the show! j/k... That Kenny kid is pretty dang funny

ANTM: Poor poor crazy girl that went home. I think her name was Anus?

Biggest Loser: I was so happy to see good ol' Bernie back, but he had to go back home because he was a pound shy of it... he is super skinny now though!

OK, so I really don't watch THAT much TV... I just have DVR so I fast forward through most of the show and watch the important stuff

K, Rob! I hope you feel like you don't need to waste the money on TV now... :) The Office is not on tonight so I won't be watching TV for the rest of the weekend!!! :) HALLELUAH...

Wow, this is a super long boring post! Thanks for reading if you still are

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This week I've been in a BLECK mood. What is a bleck mood you ask?! It is a mood to where I don't do anything. I don't care about anything... I am ornery, negative, and am just plain lazy! I should have gone to the gym every night this week, but I have this stupid toothache and the dentist can't get me in until next Wednesday! I am so lucky enough to get my first root canal then and I can hardly wait! :) They gave me some stupid antibiotic that is "supposed" to take the pain away but it hasn't. I have spit up on both shoulders now (which I really don't care about) but then again, that is why I haven't changed my shirt yet! My face has broken out completely, my hair is greasy (maybe I should wash it?) and that Amanda chick on American Idol drives me nuts (sorry Keng) Makenna has a nasty cold and has passed it along to Gavin (yipee). But you know what, my bitching isn't going to get me, skinny, zit free, Amanda kicked off the show and a clean shirt! So here are couple of great things that have happened this week! :)

1. Gavin's belly is finally feeling better! He just hangs out now and I love it...
2. Kenna has been a doll! She has only been in time out twice this week and its already almost Thursday!
3. Michael Johns from AI is HOT and SAFE!
4. I get to take Kenna to Disney Princess on Ice this weekend
5. I made some dang good banana muffins (surprisingly enough I haven't made cookies this week)
6. I am lucky enough to stay home with my kids while Brent gets to work (which he loves)
7. Kengie started a blog!
8. We got to go to the park today because it was a great day!
9. We were already by 9:30 AM today!!!
10. We are all alive and fairly healthy (less the colds)

Kenna was quiet for a little bit yesterday as I was cleaning the kitchen (I guess she FINALLY got bored of Dora for a minute) and so I went to go look for her and then here she comes out of my bathroom! She did it all by herself!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The years first swim!

For the past few weeks, Kenna has been asking to go swimming with her life jacket so Brent and I finally broke down and decided to take her to Sand Hollow. Unfortunately that meant that I had to get into a swim suit (yuck) but luckily there weren't that many people there to throw up after seeing me! :) Anyway, Makenna was STOKED when we told her she was going swimming. She asked all day to go swimming with her life jacket. I pulled out her swim suit from last year to see if it still fit. Once I put it on her she wouldn't let me take it off! It looked like a french cut swimsuit (I think that is what it is called) because it was a little small but she loved it and sported it around the rest of the day (and night). When we finally got to the place Kenna ran into the part of the pool while Brent paid and I got her ready to go swimming! We put on her turtle life jacket and she was off! Brent got in with her at first and I hesitantly followed. Gavin slept the whole time we were there so it was great!!! Brent took her down the huge hydro slide they had and after she went down she goes "Again Daddy! By myself!" She is a brave little turkey, so we let her go all by herself. No, I'm kidding we didn't but she would have loved it! She does great in the water too! She can hold her breath and her life jacket makes it so that she can swim by herself without going under! I'm sure by the end of summer she won't even need it. She also loved the whirl pool. Here are some pics of the event! Don't fret, there aren't any of me so you don't have to grab the garbage can! (Sorry about the short slide show, I'm still learning)
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Purple-icious Bedbug!

Kenna loves her bed. She has loved her bed from Day One. She has never slept in our bed (which is wonderful) and she always tells me "No sleep in Mama's bed, sleep in Kenna's purple bed!"
So last night we put her "down for bed" and Gavin was headed for bed himself. I got ready for the gym and headed out thinking all was going to be fine. When I got home, Brent said the night had been crazy. That Kenna had been out of bed 5 times (she took a 2.5 hour nap, and then we put her to bed at 7:45 so its totally understandable that she was out that many times.) So I went to check on her because Brent said that he wasn't sure if she was asleep on the floor or not... so I went and checked on her and this is what I saw.
She had taken her pajamas off, started to read her book and was sleeping upside down in her bed. I found it pretty funny.
Then today I put her down for a nap and she always sleeps in her panties. Her clothes are to "binding" I guess. She always goes down without a peep and as I was walking by her room, I heard a funny noise coming from her room. So I open the door and see this...Her reading one of her favorite books "Purpleicious" She looked at me, and then went back to "reading" At least she was in her bed and I assume she fell asleep because she hasn't been out yet!!!


Holy freaking crap! It has been two short/long months since my baby boy was born! I can't believe it. My seven pound, 19 inch little boy is now a whopping 10 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long! We went to Grandpa Staheli today and he said he is doing great! Right now he is sleeping on my chest because his little bummy hurts from the three shots he got! The poor little bugger. Hopefully he doesn't have a bad reaction to the shots. Kenna always did good with her shots, so hopefully it is the same for him. Oh well.... at least it will only last for a day if so!
Gavin is now smiling on a regular basis and starting to "talk" quite a bit. It is fun for us to see him finally interact with us and Kenna is hilarious with him. Today she told me she said "OHHHHHH" to him (in a high voice that adults do with babies). Then she proceeded to talk to him that way. I can't believe what a little sponge she is. Its kind of embarrassing to hear what I say to her because it comes out of her mouth at one point in the day. Gavin is still sleeping quite a bit during the day and night so that is pretty nice. I'm trying to get him on a schedule so hopefully he'll start sleeping through the night more. He does to go bed at eight which is nice! We are so glad to have Gavin Michael in our family....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Random thoughts that enter my mind as I was watching TV... I have to watch a bulk amount of TV at once since I don't have a lot of time when the kids are awake except for Dora. So....

The Biggest Loser. I really enjoy the show and I can't believe how brave these people are to get on the scale without any clothes on and let the whole country see what they look like. Also, who names their kid Bernie... or Bernard and shorten it to Bernie. Poor guy. The worst part is he got booted off the show this week. Poor poor Bernie. He has lost over 100 pounds now.

American Idol. David Hernandez (aka Stripper) totally looks like he would be a stripper. He has the look and everything. Trust me, I've been to a lot of strip clubs? and that is what one looks like.
E! News. I watch this show every night and I think Brent would be a perfect host for the show. Forget Ryan Seacrest. I think Brent would be great at his jobs! He's got the voice and the looks. Maybe not the big huge grin, but he's still a hottie!

Dora the Explorer. Why does Dora always where the same pink shirt and orange shorts?

Regis and Kelly. Regis looked nice today for an old guy... once again, Brent would do good in his position too. His salary wouldn't even be bad!

Politic stuff. Now this was just part of another show, but really- can't it be over yet?! I can't wait until after November. Imagine Bill Clinton as the first lady!

OK, now I didn't watch all of these shows in one sitting, but yeah- that is my life! :) And Rob, if you are reading this, you aren't missing out on not having TV! You watch the most important show that will be back on in APRIL! HALLELUAH!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tagged for the first time!

Here we go...
A- Attached or single: Depends on who's asking! attached...
B- Best Friend(s): Brent and Janalyn mainly... I do love all my friends though
C-Cake or Pie: Either one depending on what is available.
D- Day of Choice: Saturday!
E- Essential Item: cell phone and my pocketdish for Kenna
F- Favorite Color: Pink
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Worms for sure
H- Hometown: St. George, UT
I -Indulgence(s):
J- January or July: Both! I love summer and its everyones birthday in January!
K-Kids: Kenna and Gavin
L-Life is incomplete without: My family and Diet Pepsi/Coke
M- Marriage Date: August 24, 2002
N- Number of Siblings: 3, Michael, BreAnne & Tyler
O- Oranges or Apples: Both
P- Phobias or Fears: Being kidnapped or my children being hurt
Q- Quote(s): It will all work out...
R- Reason To Smile: It is getting warmer outside!
S- Season: Summer- I love everything about it
T- Tag Six: I don't have six to tag.... Janalyn, Joanna, Bonnie, Jill, Jessica, Robyn- never mind I do!
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I had my appendix out when I was 9... ? I can't think of anything really....
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Meat eater here...
W- Worst Habit: Picking my face (stupid zits).
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds
Y- Your Favorite Food: I love french fries.... love love love them!
Z-Zodiac: Capricorn or Aquarius depending on the horoscope you read. No joke!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a ladies man!

Halle-freaking-luah! The weekend is finally over... I baked cookies all day Friday and Saturday (which I'm proud to say I only ate 4 between both days!) but I think I probably drank more Diet Pepsi in the past three days than I have in the past month. I am drinking one right now and it is DELICIOUS! Anyway, enough of that. The blessing went off great! Brent did wonderful and Gavin didn't cry at all. Brent said that he was awake the whole time for the blessing just looking around. Kenna was great during sacrament and looked super cute. The best part was I didn't have to get up to bear my testimony. I hate doing it because of two things. First off, I would trip walking up there and then when I would open my mouth I might just swear because I would be so scared and then not say another word. Luckily all of the other people took up enough time so we didn't even look like we were avoiding it. Here are a couple of pictures of the little man! (his cat scratch is still on his face but he is so cute anyway!)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The world from a two year old....

Makenna sometimes likes to take my camera and go around snapping pictures of whatever... she hasn't really gotten the hang of holding up the camera and pointing it at stuff, but here are a few of her pics that she has taken.

Why does it always happen?

Why is it that when there is a big event or time for family pictures there is always a huge bruise, or scratch or gouge on your kids face? My trauma of the day...
So at 5:30 Friday morning I wake up to hear Gavin screaming (not the normal, "mom wake up I'm hungry cry) but a loud screaming cry. So I go and see what is wrong and I see this...
Thats right... a huge scratch on his forehead and one on his cheek. Luckily the other little red spot is gone, but the problem is Gavin's blessing is on Sunday so now he looks like he's been attacked by a cat. It should be close to gone hopefully by then... Oh well!