Thursday, April 29, 2010


I'm just wondering how little boys know how to work tools!? Gavs wanted to change the batteries on his train. And so he tried. All by himself. I thought it was too cute. Or studly? Or manly!?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Love it. Love {him}. I need to find the first eight episodes. Anyone have them. They are NOT on the internet. Thanks.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Day from HELL.

Yes Mom. I did put hell. But I didn't say it in a swearing matter. It is just the best way to describe how the day went! So! I posted this a little on the SJJ blog but I will go into detail a bit more... maybe!

The day started with the skirt I needed to finish for Makenna. It took a lot longer than it should have, and then I needed to add a little something to Kenna's shirt. Anyway, the house was a mess when I woke up and it just went down hill from there. I decided to be a nice mommy and take the kids swimming, but when we got there it was way too cold. I should have just left, but thought I would get in the hot tub with the kids. Whining, whining, whining was all I heard. We packed up, came home so Gavs could take a nap and Kenna could get ready for them. The shirt I just bought ended up looking hideous on me, so I left in the middle of trying to get Kenna ready to go get a shirt. It was just pure chaos. When we got there, we were all WAY past ornery except my cousin who took the pictures. I love them! Even if we only got one of Gavin smiling until the very end. And it was seriously the very end. Kenna got threatened her life a few times (well, more like NO BUG JUICE! NO DESSERT! NO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU SMILE!) Glad it was over and I got a few I liked.

Go to for all of her info and stuff! She is really, really good! (and I'm not saying that because she is my cousin) Here are some pics that I love.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


No. They don't look like twins, but this picture looks a lot like Gavin. Or so I think. Be the judge yourself. BTW. It is my little brother on the right side.

Friday, April 9, 2010


This is the outfit Kenna put on today. Isn't it H.O.T!? Unfortunately, we didn't go anywhere for her to wear it.. The Cinderella socks are my favorite part.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Grandma.

It was my Grandma's birthday in March. I was going to do a special post on her back on her birthday, but I didn't. So here I am writing one now. She is seriously one of my favorite people ever. And Makenna absolutely ADORES her. Gavin is getting there, but not quite yet! Here are some of my favorite qualities and infomation about my G-ma!

1. ALWAYS willing to baby-sit. Even on a 20 minute notice.

2. Makes killer chili.

3. When the kids are around, she ignores everyone just to play with them.

4. Does "pinkie loves" with Makenna.

5. Is THE perfect "Miss Hannigan"

6. Her freezer is always full of push-ups and ice cream sandwiches.

7. Gets her hair done every Friday at 8:00 AM without fail.

8. Very creative.

9. Knows how to work the internet and even has a Facebook account.

10. Writes great poems.

11. Is super easy to talk to.

12. Always willing to let people use her car.

13. Her car has 5,000 miles (if that) on it and is a '99.

14. Worries about everyone.

15. Always looks nice.

16. Nails are always manicured.

17. Has lead the music in Relief Society for years and years.

18. Always comes to important events.

19. Remembers addresses and phone numbers from back when she was little.

20. Loves my kids to pieces.

21. Just turned 37. Or so she says.

22. Was a cheerleader in high school and still has her moves.

23. Is a great cook.

24. Her Christmas tree has always been flocked except the past few years (which is OK grandma!)

25. Has the best Christmas parties and stories.

26. Hasn't gone gray yet.

27. Has a major sweet tooth!

28. Has a great sense of humor

29. Great quilter

30. Changes diapers like a pro (even though she grew up with cloth ones)

31. Has more make-up than she knows what to do with

32. Has a HUGE closet that is full of clothes.

33. Makes Brent's favorite drink of all time (egg nog special)

34. LOVES reality TV

35. Hated Vienna off of the Bachelor and thinks Adam Lambert is a freak (who doesn't though)

36. Doesn't like to swim.

37. The best grandma ever!

Grandma, I love you so much!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Extravaganza.

Easter has come and gone once again. This is probably the only holiday that works for us in our favor with our family situation. We do Easter with my family on Saturday and with Brent's family on Sunday. We don't have to battle the "time" issue and I love it.

SO! Saturday morning, I took the kids over to Janalyn's house to color eggs and finish my cupcakes I was supposed to take to the Staheli Family picnic. I made them, Kenna colored some eggs, and we took off to the picnic. We got up there and it was fun as usual! This is about the only holiday where we see all of my mom's side of the family and that means there is A TON of food. We had chicken, about five different salads, dutch oven potatoes (which were to die for, thanks Janet's familia) and too many desserts to count (which were all heavenly). We had the usual Easter Egg hunt and lucky for the kids there were no eggs were hidden under cow pies this year! We packed up, left and the kids slept on the way home!

SUNDAY morning.... the kids woke up and went to find their Easter baskets. They got fishing poles and swim stuff. I got them breakfast and thought I would go get back in bed for a minute... Mind you, I hadn't taken pictures of them and their baskets. WARNING: Don't go back to bed and have your husband asleep on the couch when their is Easter grass around... Not a pretty sight to wake up to!

Once the mess was cleaned up, we made potatoes and more cupcakes for the Martin Easter dinner which was fabulous! We ate, did the Easter egg hunt, a Humpty Dumpty Egg Drop, and an egg throw that I unfortunately ate the egg before I could get too into the game. Stupid me.

Anyway, we had a good time and Easter I'm sure next year will roll around quick enough!!!

Pictures to follow. I can't get them to work right now.