Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Soccer started in September and ended in November. Overall, Makenna rocked it. She had one goal every game if not more. She is quite the aggressive little thing too. She didn't care who she was taking the ball from (her own team or the opposing team). I loved watching her. She still watches her shadow when she runs, which makes for a good laugh. I don't have a clue what their record was, but I'm sure they took the U5 league...

Update needed.

I haven't blogged in TWO months. Which is forever and a day for me. I wish I could say I was doing stuff that was productive, but I wasn't. Life has just been the same ol' crap as it always is. Not that the crap is bad... just boring. Either way. I have grounded myself to blogging for the next few days until I am caught up on the "eventful" months we have had. If anything, at least my kids and hubby are cute to look at. Stay tuned... (if you care enough to)