Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recipe exchange.

So, here is the deal. I am tired of looking for recipes online. And maybe some of you are as well. So I'm thinking about starting some sort of a blog with a recipe exchange. Like, you e-mail me with a favorite recipe, and I post it for all to see (I promise to post more than once a month)!? Anyway, just a thought. Any takers!? Does anybody read blogs anymore?!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


DISCLAIMER: I am not looking for any self esteem boosters here. I am not posting on how big my boobs were, how many chins I had, or the wideness of my arms... or even my horrendous hair. Just look at what I'm wearing!!! If you can... if you haven't already grabbed a fork to stick in your eyes to make the burning stop! I know. It is way past bad. I just wish I still owned these clothes so I could wear them and be put up for "What Not to Wear!" I would totally win. And you (Heather) totally should still.

Anyway, I was cleaning some stuff up and I came across these pictures. Mind you... they are taken within three months of each other. THA-REE months. From the time I got engaged to when I got married. No joke. Brent actually married me looking like that. How did he even want to.... Oh never mind. And I'm sure it got way worse as the years went on. I know my weight did. Thankfully somewhere along the line, I kind of got a clue. Probably only a year ago. Maybe. Either way. Like I said... I am not here to talk about what I look like now. I'm not that vain. I just know that I look better than I did from 2002. Thankfully. And I know you are thinking the same thing. No wonder I didn't have any friends. Seriously. I didn't. And now we all know why.

Who doesnt like a 3/4 sleeve polo shirt!? (Getting engaged)

I tried the prostitute print on my honeymoon. Just to show B how wild I was/am.

Lets not even go here.

Shortalls anyone?! (Bachelorette party)

I had to throw one of my engagement pics out there, just so you all know I didn't look like total S the whole time. Just 98% of the time.

I hope you all get a good laugh out of this because Brent and I sure did.