Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I caught it!

YAY! I have finally caught Gavin smiling on camera. The picture is not a very good one because I was trying to take it before he wasn't smiling anymore. The angle and everything about the picture is bad, except for the cute smile on my little boy! Here is his debut pic....

Isn't he cute! He has a dimple, but you can't see it in the picture...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mumbo Jumbo

Well, here we are again, no new cute template because I'm officially RETARDED. I can get the paper up, but no pictures and no blogs... just the paper. I had to bug my friend Jill to even figure that out and unfortunately for her I'll be bugging her for more help. A lot more help... anyway, not relevant! I just thought I would put a blurb on how funny Kenna is becoming. Real quick, I have to give a shout out to Robyn! Welcome to my home life and thanks for getting me addicted to blogging... OK back to Kenna! So this morning I was doing her hair and I hear her say, "HELLO, green booger!" Anyway, I look and she had a little booger coming out of her nose. So she continued smiling at her booger in the mirror, so I wiped it up and as I was throwing it away she kindly replied to Green Booger "Goodbye Green!" She was already on a first name basis with him. I thought it was pretty funny.
Another funny story that happened a couple of days ago.... I was siting on the floor at my parents house just chatting with everyone and Kenna comes up to me randomly and gives me a big hug. I thought it was pretty nice for her to do that. Then she looked at me, and my Diet Pepsi I was drinking. I didn't say anything or give her a drink, but she gave me another hug and says "I love you Mama..." My two year old was sucking up to me to get a drink of Pepsi-Cola as she calls it. How do they learn that so fast! Anyway, she kept at it until I gave her a drink, but it was so funny that she didn't ask, she just kept looking at it and then would give me a hug, or kiss or tell me how much she loved me. It was so dang cute!
Gavin is getting a little more fun now as well. He is starting to smile and "talk" which is always nice... He weighs roughly 10 pounds, fully clothed and a half full diaper! He has slept horrible for the past couple of nights so I apologize for all those reading this, I'm sorry if I have been so negative and grumpy. Not an excuse, but 4 hours of sleep isn't the best. It will get better and he's lucky he is so dang cute! This is what happens when you give a two year old a plastic wrapped box of chocolate to HOLD... she had it unwrapped out of the plastic, opened the cardboard heart it was in and then slowly licked and ate all of the candy in it before I got home.... she actually looks pretty clean!
Here is a picture of Gavin at 7 weeks old! Isn't he a handsome little fart!
Sorry if my post sucks, I'm trying to feed Gavin at the same time!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Slowly learning...

Well, here is my second post and I am slowly learning how to create my own "blogspot." It is quite interesting and hopefully I'll figure it out eventually. I have just learned how to change the background of my blog, I THINK I've figured out how to invite people, and also learned how to add pictures to the post. On my next post (I think thats what its called) I'll incorporate my new knowledge to it. As of now, I'm off to figure out more stuff before Kenna wakes up!