Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Soccer started in September and ended in November. Overall, Makenna rocked it. She had one goal every game if not more. She is quite the aggressive little thing too. She didn't care who she was taking the ball from (her own team or the opposing team). I loved watching her. She still watches her shadow when she runs, which makes for a good laugh. I don't have a clue what their record was, but I'm sure they took the U5 league...

Update needed.

I haven't blogged in TWO months. Which is forever and a day for me. I wish I could say I was doing stuff that was productive, but I wasn't. Life has just been the same ol' crap as it always is. Not that the crap is bad... just boring. Either way. I have grounded myself to blogging for the next few days until I am caught up on the "eventful" months we have had. If anything, at least my kids and hubby are cute to look at. Stay tuned... (if you care enough to)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The devil herself.

Today started off to be a fantastic day. That is, until the opening hymn in church. That's when Gavin decided "to sing" during it.... and then continue to "sing" during the invocation. Which made Makenna laugh, so I ended up hauling both out during the middle of the prayer. I threatened in the foyer no snacks if they didn't behave (which made Makenna worry). I walked back in with both kids in each hand and Gavin decided to drop his body about two pews back, which made for me dragging him the rest of the way. Funny!? Yes. Especially if it's not your kid. But I still thought it was kind of funny.

Needless to say, after the sacrament (and Kenna asking 1,000 times if she was going to get a snack), I told them no since they were being naughty and my ALMOST FIVE YEAR OLD started bawling like a baby... and so I packed our stuff up and started to head out. In turn, making her start throwing a tantrum (jumping up and down even) crying, saying she doesn't want to go home... That's right. In the middle of the aisle in the chapel. Awesome. People staring at me (not my fave thing anyway). I dragged them out and that's when it got real bad. The yelling of "I don't want to go home" got louder and louder in the foyer until we were outside and then turned to the top of her lungs, I'm getting murdered, blood curdling scream which THEN turned to "I don't like you Mommy! I'm not going home! You're mean!" That was all before we got to the car. Then she threw her shoes at me, hit me and screamed some more. I then dragged her (not violently) to her room since she wouldn't walk, and put her on her bed for 30 minutes. That was just so I could cool off and not throw her to Seattle... because trust me, if I could have. I would have. Because I swear she was the devil...

Punishment: No snacks the rest of the day and no friends for three days. Fair enough!? I don't know if the no friend thing is worse for me or her. But what else do you do!?

So parents: Does grounding work!? Or what methods of disciple would you use in a situation like this!? Advice would be great considering I don't know what is the most effective. Either way. I better be getting blessed for going BACK to church after this debacle.

So laugh away peeps and be glad it wasn't your kid doing it. Because I would have been relieved it was someone elses and not mine.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Once upon a time, I thought I was going to be a good mother to a second child. The first one. Piece of cake. I remember everything with her. The conception (TMI!?! But we were trying!!!) pregnancy, birth, first smile etc. And I documented it. With thousands of pictures and even a journal (don't worry, not the conception part). Pages and pages... I always told myself, that I would be as good with the second child as I was the first. That I was going to not be one of the "typical" moms that kind of push baby numero dos to the side. Well, that lasted all of probably five minutes.

First, I didn't even know I was pregnant with Gavin for the first few weeks, I do remember his birth and then all is forgotten from there. He was such a good day time sleeper that I barely remember anything for the first six months!!! Seriously. How horrible am I.

Makenna got her pictures "professionally" done every three months. Gavin. I didn't even order his newborn pics because I didn't like him. That, and the lady put some gay wings on him that made him look like a chicken. I wish I could find them on the net somewhere.... Anyway, I do remember that he walked at 16 months (I think). And that's only because it was last year.

Now that he is nearing on three years old (yes, I said THREE!) I thought I would just document how freaking cute he is now. And that he absolutely LOVES Buzz Lightyear and Lightning McQueen. Here are a few of my favorite things about this little turkey (I should use a stronger word).

1. He LOVES to torment his sister.
2. He can't say his L's and it is so, so cute.
3. He wuvs me.
4. He loves to play with any hair. Kinda creepy.
5. LOVES Reeses and would eat them over anything (don't know where he gets that from)
6. Talks really well, except for his L's
7. Would drink apple juice all day long if I let him
8. Total Daddy's boy.
9. Thinks the naughty chair is hilarious.
10. Has had soap in his mouth countless times.
11. He is so sweet when he wants to be.
12. Wants to go back to Disneyland and asks all of the time.
13. Can play soccer.
14. Pretty self sufficient.
15. Told me today I'm the best mommy ever (maybe with a little coaxing)
16. Would wear his Buzz costume all day every day.
17. It is now my form of punishment.
18. He listens most of the time
19. Loves his doo-doo (blankie)
20. Really friendly.

Oh Gavs. I love you so much, even though I want to sell you some days.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The whole entire Staheli side of my family decided to go down to Disneyland for a few days for my grandpa's "retirement" party. We had been planning it for a few months and thankfully the time finally came. There was a total of 27 of us that went and it was so much fun!!!! I will just explain the pictures instead of give a whole itinerary of our trip! And there are A LOT of pictures.

At "The Block" waiting for everyone to get to Cali!

Taylor loves to torment Gavin. It's hilarious.

Waiting to catch our shuttle...

The only reason I posted this was because my sister wanted to be in the picture. Look at her face! hahaha....

Heading into the park.

So excited to see Tiana... (at this point I told them she might still be in Lousiana)

The Hukill Girls

Makenna was so shy with the princesses. Camryn. Not so much.

I would twirl my dress too if I wore that.

Both of their favorite...

Their first rollercoaster

Gavs not scared at all.

Teacups. My sister took my place because I get sick on them.

Autotopia. Lame.

Gavs and his buddy

Our favorite ride

Gavs and Zurg

Look who I found!!! (one of my besties if you didn't know)

All tuckered out. Look at the drool!

See! Brent really was there!

Yay for Buzz!

Brent didn't fit in the rockets. So I had to go twice in a row.

Hanging on the beach.

So warm!!!

So tired!

Exhausted after all their play.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another year....

Kenna has FINALLY started preschool again! And she loves it. I love it. I think Gavin loves it. She is going to the same place as last year, just a different teacher! And its three days a week... even better!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crappy ending.

I forgot to say why it was a crappy ending... (besides having to leave the hubby up there).

So here is the story. I thought I would be smart and drive Brent's truck (which is a CNG) down to Vegas. Great idea because it costs about $12.00 to fill up. No joke. The problem. Not many pump stations around. Especially in Vegas. So I found one 10 miles away from the airport. No biggie.

Oh yes it was. I had to watch some lame A video six times (not by choice) before the special pump let me fill up. THEN! I saw a Panda Express on the sign as I was getting off. I was so excited. Except I couldn't find the dang restaurant. ANYWHERE. By the time I drove down the same street it said it was on about 30 times, I was bound and determined to really find it. I had GPS on my phone and was literally spinning circles.

Needless to say, I found the Panda

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Brent and I have been married for eight freaking years. I can hardly believe it. It seems like yesterday we were just two kids (literally kids I swear) in love, not being able to keep our hands off each other. OK, so maybe it seems more like a few weeks than yesterday. The ride has been awesome.

We aren't usually ones to go all out for holidays and stuff, but since B was out of town, I was able to get a little spoiled and go visit him on the weekend. My mom was great and took the kids while I went to see him. It was a short trip, but well worth most of it until the end...

Friday when I got there, we were able to check into our hotel and then go shopping in downtown. I thought the shopping would be amazing, and maybe it is in some places, but I couldn't find much until we hit a Ross. I know, totally crazy, but I found two cute shirts there. When we were walking back to the hotel, we (and when I say we, I mean Brent) stopped to see this dude in a full length bright blue unitard. I wish I had my camera. He was doing a puppet show, but it ended up looking like a porn. Seriously. It was crazy. So we left.

Saturday we slept in until 10:30 (yay for us!) and then we headed to our CONCERT! It was in the desert of Washington (it looked like Utah), called The Gorge at George. It took 2 1/2 hours to get there, but once he stood on the stage, it was SO worth it.... He as in KEITH URBAN! If you have ever seen him in concert, you will know what I'm talking about. He is A-MAY-ZING. Oh my gosh. So great.... And SO HOT! WANT TO TOUCH THE HINEY....

Sorry, I got off track a little bit. Anyway, so he performed and then some dude named John Mayer came out and sang a couple of Keith's songs with him... And then he (Keith) finished. And it was wonderful! And then John Mayer came out and did his concert. Which was great. But I'm not going to lie. We left early because it was 10:30 when his part started so we left after a few songs since we had a 2 1/2 hour drive BACK and didn't want to get killed by all of the wasted people getting into their cars. Plus we had to wake up super early the next morning. He was good, but kind of slarvey... but I guess he can be if he's a rock star. The only time I had my camera was at the concert so there are just a few pics.

PS. I know I look nasty. Let me explain. First off, my face hates Seattle. It hates everything really, but especially Seattle. So don't mind the zits. Second, it was an outside venue and we waited two hours before the show started. OK... enjoy! YAY!!!

Waiting with the drunks!

Our "seats"

Gross huh?

Monday, August 2, 2010


As I was finishing my last post (scroll down to next one for your viewing pleasure), Gavin gracefully walked into the office (mind you he has been asleep for 2 1/2 hours) and said, "I want my yamp (lamp) on". And walked back in. So I followed him with the camera to just show everyone how freaking cute he is. Especially when he is tired.

He laid down because he didn't want me to take his pic.

All tucked back in!


So, I grew up on a farm. That's right. A farm. And when I say farm I mean this. My grandpa has a few horses, cows (we kept one and fed it bottles), my siblings and I each had a sheep that we sold for lots of money ($56 bucks), and my brother once caught a chicken that laid an egg. One egg. I got paid $1.00 per gopher that we caught in the hay field. We were real redneck I tell ya. Oh, and I don't ride horses.

I don't mind going to a rodeo every once in awhile. I don't like the dust, cow poop, or the rodeo clowns voice (have you ever noticed they all have the same fake yeehaw accent!?), but I love going to watch.

However, I DO love the overly expensive candy and pop, snow cones, and all of the girls that think they are all hot stuff in their short shorts and cowboy(girl) boots. If you want to see some awesome fashion, go to the Enterprise Rodeo. That is where we ended up spending the 24th of July this year! Gavin was enthralled the whole time. Every time a bull went back in after the ride, he would go "I want another one out!"

Kenna and Gavs went to chase chickens. Luckily they were kind of late and didn't catch one. What the heck would I do with a chicken!? We stayed for half of the rodeo (and still didn't leave until 10:30). Thanks for dinner at the Red Dog Cafe Dad (don't we sound real redneck!?) and the fun at the rodeo! It was a blast...

Eating at the Red Dog Cafe (I got my sisters good side hopefully)

Gavin's cowboy hat. He didn't want to wear a real one.

Kenna and Cam... aren't they so cute!

Gavs and Pepa. Best buds.

The chicken chase with my little bro.