Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lake Powell

I am the fourth of five to be blogging on this trip, so I will try not to repeat what some of you might have already read.

First off, I want to give a shout out to the Smiths for making this trip happen! It was so dang fun and even my workaholic husband wants to go back, so well done!

Second, thank you to all my baby sitters for taking my kids! Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth and it was WONDERFUL not to have my children there. I love them, but it was SO relaxing!

Things I learned at Lake Powell

-Brent is VERY athletic when he needs to be.
-Brent is athletic because he is TERRIFIED of lizards come to find out.
-Houseboat walls are paper thin
-Melissa knows A LOT about everything
-Cheetos and Whoppers are considered a lunch

-Deanna laughs out loud at everything (and I love it)
-"Do/say it again and see what happens" doesn't mean a thing.
- Playing a wrong card can get you death threats from Aaron or Jordan
- B West can function on very little sleep and still be somewhat pleasant
-Josh's hair is indestructible
- Holding your cell phone in the air really does get you better service
-Peach cobbler is the best after 11:00 PM (you sleepers missed out!)
-Make sure you keep your legs crossed when you are jumping off a cliff unless you need an enema

-Heather is a movie star even without earrings!
-Aaron can fit 10 JET-PUFFED marshmallows in his mouth (maybe 11)
-Bonnie is the new Marilyn Monroe (but better)
-Pumpkin spice and vanilla make French Toast even better! (thanks Mel!)
- The can-can is possible on a tube and it will be perfected by the end of summer (right ladies!?)
-Brent West can seriously fix everything (and I thought my husband was handy!)
-Heather missed her calling in life. She should have been a LEGAL pharmacist.

-Deanna is an awesome rapper/dancer
-Bonnie can go a week without getting in the water and still have fun
-Jordan DOES know how to kill a rattlesnake
-Hollywood and Sanchez know how to dig a hole
-Brent is a great dutch oven cook
-You can ski a lot better when the rope isn't left in the water with you
-Never stand on the back of a boat when Jordan is driving (maybe it was the mustache)
-Josh and Deanna don't swear even when they are scared
-Tubing is the best thing EVER!
-Heather seriously soaks all desserts in milk
-Aaron is a very patient driver
-Brent shouldn't ever dance (especially when clothing comes off)
-Pregnant women should
-Deanna can do the worm, and do it well!
-Waterproof eyeliner really isn't that waterproof
-Lortab doesn't make Melissa loopy (unfortunately)
-Bonnie LOVES to take pictures and looks good in all of them!

-Melissa has the most soothing voice ever
-Three hours of sleep + PMS = a crazy woman
-Rap music makes everyone's head move
- The kid table rocked the houseboat! (even though I wasn't on it)
-Maybe we should do this trip every year! ;)
-Lake Powell with great friends is the BEST EVER

Thanks everyone!!!

PS. I totally could have won an award for worst hair EVER. In every picture my hair looks horrible! I wasn't blessed with straight or curly hair. Somewhere in the middle... Oh well though, I guess we were at the lake!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I have been trying to think of something to blog about and now I finally have a couple of things to blog about! YIPEE... now the complaining starts!

Monday- My purse was freakin' stolen out of my car at the park! Can you believe it?! Seriously. And the worse part was I finally went and cashed some checks over $200 worth and now it is gone. They also spent $500 roughly on my debit card and $500ish on my credit card. Luckily we will get all of that back. The lame thing is, most of it was spent and Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and KB Toy Store! Luckily little kid...

Tuesday- The syrup at the Tesoro was out for the Diet Pepsi.

Wednesday- Fell down stairs and about killed myself. Luckily I was OK, but my ego was a bit bruised. No one saw though (thankfully).

Saturday- Locked keys in the car that I was using and didn't get them out until 11:30 PM. Thanks Andy! I hope you knee is doing OK!!!

There are a couple of good things that came about this. I didn't have to pay for a locksmith or a doctor!

Sunday will follow this post so scroll on down!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday started out pretty well considering it was Sunday and I had an interview at 8:30 and had to get the kids ready by myself and made it there on time!!! I think Brent slows us down on Sundays! I got a promotion in nursery. I am now a nursery LEADER and not just a WORKER now. YIPEE. We went to my parent's ward and ate lunch there, came home for naps and then ate a delicious meal at Deanna's! Then it was off to Grandma's Camp and my mother-in-laws.

Here is the history behind Grandmas Camp. My Grandma Hukill started it 24 years ago when it was just my brother and I. She takes all of the grandkids (the ones that are potty trained) and keeps us for a whole week with no parents at all. We would swim all day, eat, hike, go to water parks, play games, have crazy hair days, matching outfits etc. It ROCKED. We were called the Hukill Hunks and Hunnies. We had a song and everything. I will sing it for you if you ask! haha. OK, I am getting side tracked now. My mother-in-law has adopted the idea and I love it because now Makenna gets to go! So we got her all ready to go and headed over there!

They had set up a mock airplane up and the kids did an in-flight fashion show for us while we got peanuts and Sprite. Then it was picture time. That is when it all went down. Gavin had been crying for the past three hours (I swear it was that long) and so he was getting his picture taken and I heard Kenna scream inside. I went inside and her forehead was being held with blood dripping out of it! She split her forehead open so I called my mom and she picked up my Grandpa and we all headed to the clinic.

Thank goodness for my amazing grandpa! He took great care of Kenna. She only cried for a second when the needle went in and then she was tough the rest of the time. I can't believe how tough she was when it first happened! She seriously only cried for a minute and calmed down and was fine once we got her cleaned up. She now has SIX stitches in her forehead, but she is bandaged and sleeping over at Grandma's house!

Thank you everyone for all of your help! It was greatly appreciated!!!

Before (she was crying because she didn't want her picture taken!)

The amazing grandpa, I mean doctor at work!


Check out that goose egg!

The patient and doctor (both bewildered)

The comic relief- (a face only a mother could love)