Friday, June 27, 2008

Corpse Nightmare

HALLOWEEN IS IN FULL SWING AT OUR HOUSE!!! I don't know how many people know that my husband and his brother are obsessed with Halloween. They are now creating their fifth haunted house. This will be the fourth they have done since we have been married and they did one in high school. Had I known he loved Halloween so much and that this would be a crazy, very expensive hobby I might have thought differently about the marriage proposal! :)
They did their haunted house the first two years and Staheli Farms and last year they did one there and one at the mall. He would always come home and crawl into bed at 2 in the morning smelling like cow crap but this year they have simplified (I threatened divorce if not!) and now are only doing one at the mall so he doesn't smell as bad. This means, I have long summer nights filled with nothing to do because my husband is gone, hanging out with crazy, odd Halloweeny people building "his haunt." Our Halloween season usually starts in February when they start having their meetings. Thats right, they have Halloween meetings! They discuss props, new rooms, old rooms, people, ideas... that sort of boring thing. I think its great my husband is so creative, but really hunny Halloween!? I wish he could decorate my house with his creativeness. Just not with blood, skulls and weird clowns. Anyway, the planning part goes until May and then they start building. You think they would be smart and build it before it gets hot but whats the fun in working in a cool semi trailer when you can work in it when it is 130 degrees inside! This goes until the middle of November usually because they have to put on "production" and then "break down" So I shouldn't say that Halloween starts in February, I should say, our Halloween break ends in February. So, once again I am a widow until November! I should have known he loved Halloween so much when I went to my in-laws Halloween party before we were married. What was I thinking?! :)
No honestly, they do a great job and it is always a success (even though the money goes to pay for all of the props and such).


When we went camping we all shared my parents tent trailer. My bro and sis-in-law on one side, Gavin on the table bed and Makenna slept in between Brent and I. The reasons being: she hates covers and I didn't want her to freeze, I didn't want her to fall off the bed and get burned by the heater (I know, I didn't want her to freeze and there was a heater?!) and she wasn't going to bed anytime soon and it was already 11:30 PM. So as we were all getting cozy my husband (he is going to KILL me for telling this story, but he won't know if no one tells him! He doesn't check the blog too often) anyway, back to the story, lets out a huge fart and Makenna yells "YOU STINK GET OUT!" We laughed, gagged and gasped for fresh air for 5 minutes straight. It was hilarious and ridiculously smelly. I don't know where she heard that but it was pretty funny.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just so everyone knows I saw "MOTHER" at McDonalds today!!! She was so scared when she saw Makenna and me walk in. I beat her up while Makenna beat her boys up! :) It was a lot of fun and Jill cheered us on the whole time! haha! Anyway, I thought I would let everyone know. Oh, and one of her boys got pushed by one of the kids that was with them. I was afraid she was going to unleash on that mother, but she didn't. SURPRISINGLY! I won't talk of MOTHER again. I am really over the whole ordeal!

Not too bad!

I swore to myself I would never go back to Kiddie Kandids and get my kids pictures done. Especially since I have been so ornery (but I am doing A LOT better) I feel like I'm going to have a total break down every time I leave the place. The girls working there drive me nuts. I don't blame them for being nuts themselves considering they have to deal with screaming children all day trying to make them happy. I would probably be an alcoholic if I worked there. It drives me nuts that they try to get me to buy all the collages, change the colors, add words, change packages, blah blah blah! I like doing just the plain pictures and thats it. I even tell them that at the beginning and they don't listen. Either way, I went back today and it wasn't all that bad. I set an appointment up and got in shortly after I got there. Gavin was fedand napped, Kenna was good to go (except for the fact I burned her shoulder with the curling iron this morning). My mom had the day off so she came and helped thank goodness! Here are the results (I did get some of them cropped because Makenna's legs were crazy and such). Just so you know, Brent picked the purple shirt for Gavin not me. I tried to get him not to buy it since it was purple, but he did look quite handsome in it I must say!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Brent and I finally made it camping with the kids. Let me tell you, I'm not a huge camper. I don't like camping in tents (and almost refuse too) I hate going "potty on the leaves," I hate using the leaves for toilet paper (maybe that is why I'm ornery j/k) and I don't really like waking up cold. Other than that, I enjoy it. We went with my brother and sister in law up to Enterprise Reservoir. The campsite was not good, but at least we had a couple of trees to hide under. Everyone else was in broad daylight! We were lucky and had a really good time. Makenna was so excited to go camping and fishing (mind you, she had no clue what either one was) but she kept telling me she wanted to go do both. She loved getting dirty and playing with everyone. She even got on a 4-wheeler which was a complete shock to both Brent and me since she is usually TERRIFIED of them. She didn't want to get off them. It was fun. We ate delicious food (which is the ONLY reason I like to go camping). We had a great time and hopefully we'll do it again.

Headed off to Enterprise

Gavin in the trailerKenna on the 4-wheeler
Michael and GavinKenna fishing with her Daddy


First off, I wonder why ornery is spelled like that instead of awnry. Do I just pronounce it wrong?! Either way. I am just that. ORNERY! I don't have the patience for anything right now, don't want to do anything because I don't want to and Makenna won't nap and I wish she would. Either way. I am grumpy and I need to get out of it. I have been like this for two days now. Maybe PMS?! Possibly. But probably not. OK. Mint Oreo's haven't helped. 100 oz. of Diet Coke hasn't helped. Even watermelon hasn't helped! I apologize right now for anyone I may snap at or be rude to. Maybe I should go to storytime and really chew out "mother" My poor family!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm going there some day!

Makenna is OBSESSED with the temple. And when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED! We canceled our XM Radio (no joke) because she only wants to listen to "I Love to see the Temple" Now, I know that we could tell her no, but its so cute to listen to her sing it instead of scream "I WANT TO SING TEMPLE! I WANT TO SING TEMPLE!" She knows almost every word of both verses to it. We drive by it every time we get in the area of it and she loves it. She tells me she is marrying Diego in the temple and also that Ariel and Eric got married there. She wants to wear a temple dress and reminds me daily that I married Brent in the temple. I think to myself when she says that "Yes, I know I am stuck with your father for WAY TOO LONG!" (just kidding!) We even go by there and see "baby Jesus" (the Christ statue at the VC) and listen to his message. We then walk the temple grounds and she goes and knocks on the door and then reminds me that we need keys to get into the temple. I love it! So I took her there today with her best friend Camryn and this is the turnout!

Here is their prince!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well as some of you may know, I love Tiger Woods. I have been "obsessed" with him since the 8th grade. My sister thinks I would have his baby. And I probably would if the child support paid enough! I'm sure Brent wouldn't mind having a cute little Tiger baby running around. I don't ever watch golf unless he is winning (why else watch it?!). Well this weekend was the US Open and he won once again. Of course. Anyway, way to go baby to win your 3rd US Open!!! (They just said that on TV. I really don't watch golf!)

Ode to my B

Happy Fathers Day to my mate!
I'm sorry this post is a day late....
I want you to know, I'm glad you are my mate
and asked me out on our very first date

I never thought you would be
the best father to Kenna and Mr. G
You are so wonderful to them you see
That is right, you are a great and wonderful Daddee!

You are oh so very crazy,
but I reckon it is better than being lazy!
We hope you had a great Daddy Day
We love you so much and thats all we have to say!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What goes around!

Must come around! So here's the story...

Today was Thursday (storytime) and so I decided to brave it and face "THE MOTHER" Now, at first I wondered if she would be there with her kids, or if they were just so terrified of Makenna that she didn't come back. Well, they were tough enough and we saw them there. She eyed me down. I eyed her down (dun dun dun). Makenna went and sat down on the rug and listened and sang and had a gay ol' time. I know she kept an eye on Kenna the whole time (as did I) and her boys. Makenna was really good and then I had packed a lunch for Makenna and Camryn so we had them start eating it and I had to go pick Brent up from Zion Motors. After I dropped him off to go rescue Janalyn I went and got lunch and came back and this is what happened. I was sitting there and "THE MOTHER" was up on top of the stairs. Makenna was playing in the little canal thing minding her own business when one of the boys came and tackled Kenna from behind and knocked her to the ground! The mom didn't do ANYTHING! So, being the protective mother I am, went up to "the mother" (mind you Brent has Makenna) and I lost it. I was shaking, sweating and almost in tears. I said, "Dude, whats your problem?! Are you kidding me?! If you have something against my mothering and letting my kid push around yours, let me know (as she did last week), but don't have your FIVE year old little boy take it out on my little girl because she "touched" him last week! What kind of a mother are you?! You have some major issues lady!" and then I said, "YOU'RE FAT!" I flipped my hair, huffed and walked off to go comfort my little miss! Can you believe that!? Seriously! The nerve of some women!
And yes, that is a beanie she is wearing with no clothes on!

I hope you can't believe it because that really isn't what happened. Kenna was playing at the water park, "Mother" was there, but some little kid tackled Makenna (on accident) and she hit her head. The mom felt really bad and apologized and no, I didn't tell her her parenting skills were horrible! Kenna is tough and it hasn't really bothered her since! :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

1:00 AM

Well it is 1:00 AM and I can't sleep. I feel like Makenna and keep getting in and out of bed. The only difference is I only have Brent in my bed whereas she has about a million different things in hers. As a matter of fact, a few nights ago this is what I found in her bed. (NO JOKE)

Are you wondering if those are shoes that you see?! Yes. As a matter of fact they are. I think I counted at least three pair. We could kind of play an I Spy game with all of the crap in her bed. At least she was asleep. I wish I was asleep..... maybe I'll go get some shoes!



Makenna to say the least is boy crazy! Thats right. My sweet little two year old is in love with princes and dark headed boys. She loves Aladdin, Eric, Diego, Papi (Dora's Dad) and Mike Nielsen. Her recent crush is James Marsden. She saw his picture on the DVD case 27 Dresses and now she carries it around saying "It's PAPI!" She sleeps with the case, brings it to our bed in the morning with her blankie, and carries it randomly throughout the day. She also sometimes puts it in the middle of the living room and dances to Aladdin. Anyway, I think it is cute right now, but kind of nervous that she is already obsessing over boys! :) Oh well... at least she is into princes!

Strawberry Shake!

This past weekend was Makenna's very first dance recital! And let me tell you she was ADORABLE! Now, her costume was hideous, but she definitely made it cute! She surprisingly knew the dance, and the song for that matter! She was on the end and danced most of the time. The dress rehearsal was ridiculous, but the actual recital was great. Kenna didn't even want to leave she loved it so much! I was surprised she actually went on the stage let alone danced! Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well today was Thursday which means usually I go and play futsal (well we've only had a couple of games) but I was pretty excited to go play and then I got a call that shot the night to crap. Since WF 2nd Ward rocks, we were pretty much the only ladies that had a full team. So they have canceled the whole program... which totally SUCKS! Now we will have to have GNO every Thursday night! :)

PS. Last night was a blast ladies! We should really do it a lot more often.
PPS. I'm sorry I've posted so many boring things lately. And I have posted a lot too.
PPPS. (or is it PSSS) Either way. My shin isn't broken. I can finally walk tonight, but I did whack my head freaking hard on my counter tonight. I didn't cry or swear though. YEA ME!
PSSSSS. It's too bad we didn't get a picture of our sweet shin guards!


Well today once again I thought I would be a good mommy and take Makenna to story time. Well by the middle I felt like I was the naughty mommy and Makenna was naughtier! Mkenna once again is starting to push and hit a little bit again and today during story time she decided to whomp on some 5 year old boy that was 4 times her size. She just barely tapped him the first couple of times and then I guess I missed her pushing some 4 year old boy. His mom then proceeded to come and "yell" at me to have my kid stop pushing and hitting. I was about in tears by then. So I yanked Makenna off the rug and got mad at her. Thank you Janalyn for holding Gavin while I disciplined! Anyway, so I apologize to everyone if Makenna hits or pushes your kid. I am working on her not doing it, so work with me! I'm not trying to be a bad mom! And for the mom that scolded me. Your boy is going to be a wuss if he can't take it from a two year old! :) haha. No, that is mean... True, but mean! Don't get me wrong, I know that pushing and hitting is bad and she didn't do it, but really. She's two! :)

PS. The library has a lot of corners for time out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


OK, I don't know what is going on but I swear I am so freaking clumsy! I don't know if clumsy is the word. Maybe just retarded. Every once in awhile I push Brent off the bed just for the heck of it. The other night Brent thought it would be funny if he knocked me off the bed. Well, for some odd reason I didn't just fall off the bed and land gracefully on my feet. I freaking hit everything on my way down. Mind you, I have a nightstand by the side of my bed and thats it, but I have the BIGGEST bruise I have ever had on my elbow. It looks like I crashed on a scooter or something. My arm was scraped and the bruise goes probably two inches in both directions from my elbow. We aren't exactly sure what happened but I know it hurt and that I looked retarded doing it! And then today I was trying to get my stroller in the back of the car so I swung it up in the trunk and as I was doing that I hit my freaking shin on the trailer hitch and that hurt like a mother! I seriously think I broke my shin (if that is possible). I feel like limping but I only have a little bump and no bruise so I would look even more retarded. And to explain why I was limping.......... sheesh. So if anyone sees me trip over my own feet (or fall off my shoes which I regularly do) just ignore me because I am retarded!

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Joys (besides the obvious)

1. Sleeping (if I remember what sleeping is like)
2. TV
3. Watching my kids sleep


1. That the Twilight movie isn't going to be as good as the books.

2. That I will never lose my baby gut.

3. That Gavin will never sleep through the night. :)


1. Eat healthier (except on weekends)
2. Quit watching as much TV
3. Lose a few more pounds


1. The Office (seriously I could watch it all day!)

2. Celebrity crap... well, I wouldn't call it an obsession, but I am always curious about it.

3. Food. (I LOVE to eat!)

Random Surprising Facts

1. I am SO embarrassed to admit this, but I'm going to (big breath). I have watched (and still do) Days of our Lives since the 8th grade. Thats right. I think that makes it 12 years. Is that not embarrassing?! Fortunately, there is DVR so I can watch the show in about 15 minutes. I don't even like it. I don't watch it every day though! I watch it because it is a BAD habit! And don't worry for all of you that have watched it in the past. Bo and Hope are still together and Sami is still up to her crazy old tricks!

2. I could probably eat 10 bowls of cereal in one sitting. I love all types of sugary cereal. If there is not enough sugar on it, I will add some! :) Fruity Pebbles and Apple Jacks are my favorites.

3. I don't know who knows this or not, but I have a twin brother whom I am 9 minutes older than. My first "real" kiss was with a twin, and I married a twin! Crazy eh?!

I tag Kengie, Alli & Misty!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lyndsi & Brent

Makenna has now picked up on our names. So now, every time she needs us she says "Mom, Lyns come here please!" Or "Where is Brent?!" or "LYNDSI!" It is quite strange to hear my real name come out of her little mouth!

Daddy has a WHAT?!


Makenna the other day asked me if I wanted her to wipe my bum. I told her no and she proceeded to ask me if I needed her to wipe other areas. Once again I told her no and she went on her way! Later that night I heard her say she was going to watch Brent go potty. So she goes in (she's two remember so we think its not a big deal) and she asked him if he wanted her to wipe his bum and "JJ" is what we call it. I didn't hear the rest of the conversation until she came running into the kitchen saying "DADDY HAS A WEINER! DADDY HAS A WEINER!" I about died laughing. It was so shocking and hilarious. I didn't even know what to say. So Brent came in and said "What else was I supposed to tell her? I don't have a JJ!" Anyway, I'm not against telling my kids the correct body parts, but probably not when she is 2! Either way. Pretty dang funny!