Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Instead of going to Girls Night at Kelly's, I thought I would spend the time with my husband since I haven't seen him all week. By 8:15 this is what was happening at the Martin household.

In and out of consciousness all night! Mostly out.

Yes, she even sleeps in her dress!

Gavin is under there somewhere...

I should have gone to Girls Night!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


An adorable little three year old. She is great with OTHER peoples children, has been potty trained for over a year, communicates clearly (for the most part), is very cheap in the clothing department (she only requires panties and a Cinderella dress-up), loves her blankie, eats almost anything you give her, sleeps through the night. Only hang up. She wakes up at 6 FREAKING 30 in the MORNING! You can make returns once she starts sleeping in again! We will start the bidding at $2,000,000!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hot Dog

Makenna was watching my good friend Jill change her baby GIRL's diaper a couple of weeks ago. Makenna observed that Gracie has a "JJ" as we call it in our home. She then proceeded to tell Jill that she also had a "JJ". So Jill asked Kenna if Gavin had a JJ and Kenna said, "No, he has a HOT DOG!" Pretty observant little girl. I haven't ever told her about the different body parts because she has never asked. I feel like she is too young to know the actual names, so as for now, girls have JJ's and boys have hot dogs!!! Where did my child come from!?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kenna!

I am a week and a couple of days late on this, but Kenna turned three on January 13th and let me tell you, it was about time! We had a birthday chain hanging up since the end of September (no lie). She has been so excited and had the whole thing planned and who she wanted to come since then as well. Now that she is three, I told her that she will be four next and she told me that she doesn't want to be four! Which is fine by me... except the attitude thing! :) Happy Birthday Kenna!

One day old!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gav's is ONE! (2 weeks ago)

I am so behind on my blog for some reason that I haven't even posted my babies birthdays! Gavin turned one on Sunday January 4th! It was a low key day and we enjoyed it. He also will be sharing a birthday with his new cousin that was born at 11:45 PM that night!

Gavin is such a cute little boy! He started out at 7 pounds and 19" long and now weighs 22 pounds 6 oz and is 29" (I think). He still doesn't have much hair, but we can faux hawk it now with the 20 hairs that stand up! He is sleeping over 12 hours a night now, and isn't even close to walking! He still scoots around and knows how to work his sister. He loves food, his daddy, Pepa, and blankie! We love you Gavin!
One day old!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Birthday Ode to Brent

(mind you his b-day was on December 20th, thats right, I'm a lame wife)

On December 20th, Brent turned twenty nine,
Dang though he is still mighty fine.
He started at three pounds and now is more,
He's so big, he has to duck through most doors!

He can say the most random things,
But I'm so glad I got the ring,
We have two kids who love him so,
And when he plays with him, they want mo'

Funny, hardworking, cute and loud
All those things, sure make us proud.
We laugh and cry and sing and fight,
But I'm glad he now knows, that I am always right!

We hope you had a spectacular day,
Now I don't know what else to say
So here is to at least twenty nine more,
By then, I'm sure your bones will be quite sore

You will be 30 in one more year,
I hope you know how much I love you dear!


Father Christmas

Every year we have "Father Christmas" aka Santa Clause aka Mr. Packer from middle school, to come to our friend Christmas party. Makenna is not a fan of Santa to say the least. Gavin likes him it seems though. Every time he sat on his lap, he would just look at him or try and play with his beard or something. He didn't cry at all. He is a pretty good little boy when it comes to strangers for the most part. Here are the pictures of them receiving the presents that Santa "brought" them.

When he gets there, he lets all of the kids (and adults) ask any question that they want too and he tells you all of the things that any person has ever wanted. He then passes out presents that he "brought" and then takes pictures with the kids. We love it when Santa comes!