Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I love her.

This girl can drive me crazy with all of the emotions her little body holds. Let me tell you. A LOT of emotion. She will be so happy one minute, then Gavin will take something of her and RAGE enters into her sweet little face and arm and then next thing you know, Gavin has been hit. Or if the TV is not up loud enough and it is her "quiet time" she breaks down into a full on sob not being able to cry. This one is the most opinionated, picky, four year old I know. She likes certain chairs, spoons, combs, pajamas... you name it, she knows exactly what she wants and she will let you know if you got it wrong. She is SO stubborn. So, SO stubborn. I never thought I would go to battle with my kids, but alas, I have. I try to catch myself and remember that I am the adult and she isn't, but sometimes I don't want to go to Taco Time! I just DON'T!!! And don't even get me started on her mornings!!! Although she has her moments of terror, she is so, so sweet. Especially to little ones (obviously except her brother). She always comes and gives me hugs, LOVES her Dad, loves Camryn MORE, and still carries around her blankie (yes, I know, she's four). I love her imagination and how she talks like she is 16. She says the funniest things. Like yesterday, she said two random, but freakin' funny things (which one I posted yesterday). Do enjoy:

Me: "Kenna, are your ears broken?"
Makenna: "Yes, they are out of batteries!"

Seriously. So funny. I had tears coming out of my eye balls I was laughing so hard. So to get to know my sweetTART a little better, I have asked her questions and these are her responses (word for word).

Favorite color: Pink and purple
Favorite cereal: Life and Snowflakes (cornflakes)
Favorite snack: Witch crackers (Ritz)

Favorite thing to do: I don't KNOW! (whiny voice)

Favorite Mom: Ummm..... Jani (WTF!? I thought she only had one mom! Teaches me to ask)
Favorite TV show: Curious George
Favorite toy: My baby Claire

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If Momma ain't happy!

You know the saying... and that is exactly what has happened today. I woke up totally on edge, the kids were far more hyper than normal (maybe I was just more grumpy than normal) and it just went down hill from there. The worst part is, we had family pictures. Yeah, didn't go over so well. I put the kids to bed at 7:00 just to get rid of them. Is that so horrible of me? Probably. But Kenna was asleep in about three minutes. Gavin is still up. Either way. I'm done for the night. I will post something maybe a little more read worthy in the next day or so. For now, I have to go clean my gad dang house because it has suffered immensely... Maybe its because I have weaned myself off of my wonderful anti-anxiety medication. Hmmmm.

Yeah this is how I feel.

PS. I was so ornery today, that when I apologized to Makenna she told me I don't get any Diet Coke tomorrow if I'm grumpy! I better be on my best behavior!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Every month.

It is time! I know you all have been DYING to see my "scout" uniform. So how did pack meeting go you ask?! Well, it went. For about 40 minutes. The scouts seemed to enjoy it. I had NO clue what I was doing. But, it worked out. Off for another month! *WHEW* Please don't mind the white neck and red face/chest.

I think this is the scout sign....

Do I look in charge!? Because I am.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dinner time at the Martin home.

We (as church going people) have been advised to spend one meal together as a family to share how our day has been, what we learned, and all of the other fun rubbish of the day. Our dinner time usually ends up in some sort of scream fest. Whether it is Kenna screaming for not getting enough apple juice, Gavin saying NO to eating everything, and Brent just "unwinding" for the day, it gets loud sometimes. OK, lets be honest. Most of the time it is pure chaos at the table. I think I am going to switch family meal times.

These photos are not altered for viewing pleasures only.
The issue. Her sauce was in the wrong spot on her plate. Yeah, she went to bed EARLY.

Signs of Spring.

Oh, how I love this time of year. Love it. LOVE it!!! So much, that I am off my medication and have hardly even noticed it because I am so happy about this weather!!! We have been to the pool twice already and plan to go a bazillion times more before October. St. George seriously rocks this time of year. It really rocks most of the year, but it is perfect right now! And going to the pool with great friends makes it even better. The kids will play outside by THEMSELVES which is even better. YAY! Oh, I'm happy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


We have had a visitor since last night (Saturday). Her name is Hundley and she is a mutt. Brent almost ran her over, so we stopped in the middle of the street, tried to get her to move, and she kind of hopped in our car. The kids were ELATED that we "had a puppy" but unfortunately for them, their mean mean Mommy won't let them keep it. If the dog just didn't poop or shed it wouldn't be so bad! Anyway, she is going to her new home tomorrow so if anyone wants her. She is really good with the kids. She only scratches them occasionaly and bites them when they are outside! ;) haha.... oh you pet people are nuts!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hmm.... Do I have a problem?!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trying to learn.

As some of you may know, I am not a morning person. And when I mean not a morning person, I mean, 8:30 iS WAY early to me, I don't have a bra on until at least 10:30, and I usually end up brushing my teeth after I eat lunch. I know. I'm pathetic. But I love to just hang around the house in the mornings! Preschool about kills me when I have to drive and be ready by 8:35!!! I have a good friend (Bonnie) that actually wakes up and get ready before her kids are up, so she is always on top of her game. That way (and she is so smart) she will be ready for anyone that comes to the door or if she has to run anywhere quick. I have tried to take her example and do that, but frankly, it doesn't work. Anyway, not the point.

Point is this. In recent weeks, people have been coming to my door in the morning (before 11:00 AM) and Makenna has so graciously answered the door before I can yank her into the kitchen and tell her not to answer it, or turn the TV off so they think that we aren't home. I love that people come to the door and give me money (HOA dues), but not when I am hagged out. I usually have to answer the door, covering my chest up "secretly" (TMI?!), and acting like it doesn't bug me that my daughter is dancing around in her panties, that Gavin has milk stained pajamas on, and I have a zit the size of Jupiter in between my eyes at 11:30 AM. The other day, some people stopped by to look at something and I was still braless at 2:00 in the AFTERNOON! Granted, it was a Saturday and I had been somewhat cleaning, but still... embarrassing. BUT! I still haven't learned. And probably never will. Although, for the past two days, I haven't fallen back asleep on the couch after I (Brent) get the kids breakfast, so that is something! Maybe by April, I will be dressed and ready to go by 10:00! And if not... don't come to my door please! And for all of you that are ready before your kids, kuddos to you!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


OK, so I might have ended up telling the big "O" (also known as Oprah) a small, teeny, tiny, white lie. I cannot NOT be on my phone in the car. I get so much "work" done while I'm driving. As my dear, great friend Heather put it "It's easier to talk on the phone in the car because then you aren't neglecting your kids at home." Although, I don't text in the car. I only dial numbers if I am stopped at a light, or on speed dial. I had to come clean to all three of you readers, so if you ever call me on the phone and I'm driving, and I answer, I won't feel guilty. I don't like to lie. So Oprah, I talk on the phone in the car. But I do pay close attention. And I don't text.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Boy vs. Girl

Not only do my children have different body parts, they have completely different personalities. For any of those who care and want to get to know my little rascals opposites... here they are!


1. Loves his room DARK
2. Sleeps with covers
3. Loves his pajamas
4. Loves only cookies
5. Very timid
6. Hates Life Cereal
7. Happy-go-lucky
8. Pesters anyone he can
9. Loves his Dad
10. Eats nothing for dinner
11. Happiest kid in the morning
12. Loves to be thrown
13. Talks and cries in sleep
14. White hair
15. Goof ball

1. Has to have the light on (BRIGHT)
2. Hates covers
3. Loves her panties
4. Doesn't like baked goods (seriously!?)
5. Daring
6. Only eats Life cereal
7. Total attitude
8. Minds her own business
9. Loves his Dad (wait...)
10. Will eat anything I tell her to
11. Cries EVERY morning
12. Loves to be tickled
13. Sleeps like a wild horse
14. Dark blond hair
15. Drama queen

OK, so maybe they aren't huge differences, but I think it is cute how different they are (especially when they sleep). Oh, how I love my kids.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No phone zone.

In Utah, all cell phones are "banned" from being on in the car. I tried looking for the law online, but couldn't find it. I know it was passed though. I heard it on the news. And the news is always right! Every time I am on the phone and I pass a cop, I hold my breath and hope that he didn't see me. And they usually don't since they are on their phone talking "business."

I am not preaching here. But in recent weeks, my attention has been drawn to the dangers of being on the phone while driving. Not just texting and driving. But talking and driving. I am already distracted enough with pushing PLAY on the kids DVD player, or changing the song back to "I've Got a Feeling" by Alving and the Chipmunks. Anyway, I will admit. I have texted and drove. Recently. How stupid am I?! Especially with my kids!!! I don't type out novels or anything, but the fact of the matter is, I am TOTALLY distracted on spelling YES instead of YEF, to pay full attention to the road. Or reading something that is SO not important. Just the other day, my little boy ran out into the road (I know, its horrible). What if the TWO cars that stopped were texting or talking. They could have EASILY hit him. And that makes sick to my stomach to think about that. And! I was driving behind a white car, and they must have been on the phone, because they COMPLETELY went into the other lane and made the Papa John's car swerve off the road to avoid a head on. Seriously people?! We've got to stop the madness (do I sound like Oprah?!) I hope. So this is what I did. As lame as it is (and I know the contract really isn't binding), I signed the "No Phone Zone" pledge. Click {here} or there to sign it. Now, I can't lie to the Big O about being on the phone. So as of Saturday (I have to make it home from my trip first), I will no longer be talking on my phone in the car. I haven't texted in awhile, but for sure no more talking. OK, *breath* I'm off my soap box.