Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hukill's Hunks and Hunnies

First off, Hukill is pronounced hue-kull. Not that it matters since I one of the easiest last names now, but either way, that is how you pronounce my maiden name. Back to the story.

Every year my Grandma Hukill has a grandma's camp where she takes all of the grandkids. It started when I was two (I am the oldest grandkid, and favorite, by nine minutes). There are now 32 grandkids and great-grandkids. Luckily we don't all go every year, but this year was a bit different. My grandma wanted a family picture so almost everyone came out of California and Salt Lake. There was a total of 42 of us, I believe. It was crazy to get a family picture and you can hardly see anyone's faces because we were so large, but it was still fun!

We then went to my grandma's and she made breakfast for all of us. Now one thing you do have to know. Us Hukill's are major breakfast eaters. I believe that my dad flipped over 150 pancakes, and then there was bacon and sausage and people would have kept on eating if they hadn't shut the kitchen down. One of my cousins seriously ate 10 pancakes. He is just lucky he plays baseball and works out! It was crazy but a ton of fun. Thanks G-ma for feeding us!

Some of the family
My cute cousin Drew (can you tell it was a bright sunny day?!)
"Luke" and Troy
Jonathan and Bree
(he is the one that ate 10 pancakes)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lake Powell numero dos!

We ventured out to Lake Powell this past week, but this time it was with my family. Unfortunately we had to bring the kids (just kidding). It was a lot of fun, but at night it was bloddy hot! My G's were sticking to me like nobody's business and when Makenna had fallen off her bed for the 15th time, I went to move her and she was DRENCHED in sweat! Poor little thing. I am talking about myself, not Makenna. :) I did survive though. It was fairly relaxing since I had my nannies there to take care of my kids for me (thanks Mom, Dad and Bree!) so I actually got to read a few pages of my book and take two naps while I was there!!!

I am so glad that we were able to go. I love out ghetto houseboat excluding the nasty bathroom. But then again, at least I am lucky enough to have a bathroom to go potty in. Who cares if the freezer NEVER works and that only one engine worked. It doesn't matter if you can hijack the boat right out of the slip because the key is in the ignition and the glass door "handle" (which is duct tape) is broken. At least there is "air conditioning" and lights. Makenna found the lake to be a perfect bathroom for her and let everyone know that that is where she went pee. It was funny.

I think Makenna's favorite part of Lake Powell was that I let her skinny dip for a minute. I was giving her a bath in the clean lake and so I would soap her up and let her jump in. She LOVED it. But then again, who doesn't love skinny dipping! :) She swam all day long for the three days we were there. She loved jumping off the back of the boat, and also tubed and jumped off the top of the houseboat! She is a brave little girl.

Gavin was only worried about three things at the lake. Cookies, juice, and sand. He is a smart little fart and would go ask different people for cookies, so he got them ALL DAY LONG. At one point, he had three in his hands. I think he only ended up with four new bruises on his head and no scratches so he did pretty good for himself this trip. He loved playing in the sand. We set an umbrella up for him, and he sat under it and dug in the sand for hours. It was really cute.

Brent didn't get any concussions this go around and got LOOOOONG naps on the beach with Gavin. Since it was so hot in the cabin of the boat, Brent had Gavin sleep on his chest for his naps on the beach under a canopy. It looked very uncomfortable, but they both slept for two hours, so it couldn't have been that bad (maybe that is why Brent had a permanent kinked neck).

Thanks Mom, Dad and Grandpa for putting the trip on! It was a ton of fun and can't wait to do it next year!
Heading out to the lake

Dinner in Page

My Dad and me
Kenna jumping off the houseboat
Hiding in the closet
Naptime again
Swimming (obviously)
He has three cookies in his hands
Heading home
Still heading home

Monday, July 20, 2009

Can we say dirty?!

The Martin Family reunion was this weekend and it was a lot of fun!

It started on Thursday up in Pine Valley and ended on Sunday. Like I said, it was fun but man was it DIRTY! And it didn't help that I hadn't showered since WEDNESDAY! That is right. I went FIVE days without showering. I think my hair started forming dreads (even though I did comb it), I could almost braid my leg hair, and the bottom of my feet are still black (but they always seem to be black). Either way, it was fun!

We stopped in Veyo to eat dinner, but there was only a one man show up at John's Gourmet Cafe, so we went to the Red Dog Cafe in Dammeron Valley, and it was GOOOOD!!! We got to PV about 6:30 and it was roughly 100 degrees still I think. We set up our trailer and chilled the rest of the night. My kids were bouncing off the freaking tent trailer walls by 10:30 that night. We had to throw them in the car to get them to sleep. They FINALY fell asleep and on to Friday!

Friday we just hung out at camp the whole day. We did drive to the general store to buy a $1.50 20 oz. Diet Pepsi but it was worth it! :) Gavin ate a lot of dirt, Kenna played in the river, and we sat around a lot and tried to relax!!! We had to cook dinner that night and made some yummy dutch oven pizza! I then gave my kids bucket baths in the freezing spicket and got them ready for bed! Luckily my kids fell asleep REALLY fast that night so I got to play cards the rest of the night with my sis-in-laws which was fun once I started winning :)

Saturday we headed down to Gunlock Resevoir and got to go on the lake thanks to Brian and Jamie. We ate pancake chicken and dutch oven potatoes that night and then played more cards while it sprinkled over our whole camp. (By the way, Veyo's gas station has delicious ice cream)

Sunday we ate, packed up and left! Thanks Keng & Gloria for the fun trip!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Little Miss Green Thumb

Back in the spring, Makenna helped her great grandpa Staheli plant a garden. Ever since then, she has checked on it every time she is at my moms house (which is probably twice a week). This is the fruit of her labor! The very first cucumber of the season! It is her favorite thing to eat, so she is very excited to eat it! Good job KB! We can't wait to eat your corn, catelope, and peas as well!

Gateway Discovery Museum

Last week when we went to Salt Lake, Janalyn and I decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum. Let me just tell you, they LOVED it! Gavin (who usually is a whiny little fart in public) wandered around and got into everything!!! It was so cute to see him walk around and play with all the ball tubes, play on the "farm" and such. Kenna's favorite part was the miniature house they had. She could have stayed in there for hours. If you are ever up that way, I would definitely suggest going to take the children.

Gearing up for the day!


Playing Mary had a Little Lamb

I love men in uniform! :)

Animals on the farm

Buddies on the lifeflight helicopter

Girls Night with Annie

Kenna and I had a girls night out with all the ladies on my side of the family! It was a lot of fun. We ate at the always fabulous Panda Express for dinner, followed by store bought candy for dessert, and then off to the play at Tuachan. We got there at 7:30 thinking it started at 8:00, but no, it was 8:30 so we had to keep the girls (Kenna and Camryn) entertained for an hour before the play started.

By the time it had started, most of our treats were gone, Makenna had changed seats three times and spilled a 32 oz. Diet Pepsi. The good news is, she sat the rest of the play and LOVED it! Her and Camryn have been singing, acting, and dancing to Annie for the past week now. They switch off being Miss Hannigan and Annie. They are so cute and I'm glad she loved it, which made me love it even more!

Getting ready for the night

Best friends!

Sandy and Annie

My little orphan