Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I have been in a bloggers rut the past week or so. Nothing too exciting has happened. I have been DEATHLY ill (OK, not really, but if I was a man I would have thought I was going to die). I only had a cold and so I pretty much sounded like a man all week, but other than that we survived the week and here we are now. Since it is Thanksgiving tomorrow I thought I would put down things that I am thankful for. Not that anyone cares, but oh well...

1. Gas prices are SO low! It cost me $40.00 to fill my car up yesterday. WOO YEAH! To bad I don't have an actual car or it would be way less.
2. My dad for saving me at Maverik.
3. For Krispy Kreme donuts... that saved my kids at the Maverik while I was broken down.
4. My hubby that he isn't "dying" anymore and he has helped with my kids
5. Makenna for being so dang funny
6. Gavin sleeping through the night for the past two nights (knock on a lot of wood)
7. Diet Pepsi
8. My cozy warm house
9. My wonderful bed
10. Great friends!
11. That Heidi and Spencer finally got married...?

OK... I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend. I know I will. I get to go to two dinners that are one hour apart. I best be on my way to go clean my house- Out for now!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Family Pictures

Yesterday was a bitter sweet day for me. We had family pictures which I was stoked about because of our photographer, but I hate the stress of it all. We had them at four which meant that the kids would have a great nap, wake up just in time to get ready and we would head off and things would be great. That would happen every day except PICTURE DAY! Sheesh, neither one of my kids would nap, and I had my friend come over and cut Kenna's hair right before (thank you SO much Jill) and then I had to throw Kenna in the bath because she was black from playing in the back yard, Gavin's teeth still haven't broken through and he hadn't slept most of the day. Therefore, pictures were not so fun! They turned out great though surprisingly (thanks to Stacia Shaw) here is a preview and I can hardly wait for the rest!!!

Chocolate Cake

Well, this week has already been crazy and it is only Wednesday. I feel like I haven't been home more than 10 minutes and that my kids have only napped for about that long. Either way, I have a laundry list of things to do (including laundry) yet I am sitting here about to eat my second HUGE piece of chocolate cake. It is leftovers and I am assuming that I will be eating the whole thing by myself. I love chocolate cake without any frosting. Plus it is 100 times healthier! (I only wish). Now I know why Makenna said what she said in her prayers, and I quote!

Heavenly Father,
Bless me this night,
Please bless my mommy
Please bless my mommy's big tummy (mind you I am NOT expecting)
Please bless................. and went from there.

Needless to say, I went to the gym that night and sure enough, looked at my gut. I know it is a combination of stretched skin and fat, but still- how embarrassing and nasty! And now I have shared it with all ya'll. And don't say I don't have a gut, because kids don't lie! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Itchy little boy!

Gavin has been sick for approximately 5 days now. He started with a fever (103 degrees) on Saturday and it finally went away last night. The only problem now is that he has a rash all over his whole body. Poor little fart! He has been scratching his head like crazy and just looks miserable. Luckily, he looks a lot worse than he actually feels. He is now making noise again and scooting around as usual so I hope that we are on the tail end of this. YAY!

These pictures don't do the rash any justice. You can't see it, but trust me it is EVERYWHERE!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Dora Saves the Snow Princess


Well, it has finally come and pass. Dora Snow Princess has aired! Makenna has been counting down since September for it, and she has finally watched it! I had to keep reassuring her that it would be on after Halloween and then when she figured out that Halloween had passed, she didn't understand she had to wait three more days for it. Monday did come and now she has watched it and is in bed! It was so cute to see her get all ready for it. She grabbed her blanket, Diego pillow and Dora doll, had me grab my pillow and blanket and Brent grab his and we layed on the floor to watch it! The only words she said during it was "Daddy wake up! Don't fall asleep." It was pretty funny. Either way, I'm sure it will be the only thing on our TV for awhile but thats OK! Thank goodness it is over though. (for the night at least)Gearing up for the big show
Way into the show