Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chore chart.

What kids like to do chores?! Mine do. Honest to all that is holy they L.O.V.E. them. Every day they ask me when they can "pick their balls out". That sounds naughty now that I type it out, but still. That's what they ask for. I started the chore chart/ball idea a few weeks ago.

It mainly started when I would end up yelling at Makenna on a daily basis to get dressed without crying. I didn't want to bribe her every morning, but it came close to it a few times. Then I was reading a blog and saw the ball idea. Therefore, I combined the two to a perfect mix for our family for this year/month/week/day.

This is how it is broken down. They have their normal "chores" every day ie. get dressed (without crying) or in Gavin's case, by himself, make bed, clean bedroom/playroom, no fits for the day, yadda yadda yadda, and then they get to "pick a ball out" (a ping pong ball with a chore vacuum, mop, empty dishwasher, that sorta thing). They get a sticker for every item they complete. If they don't get a sticker somewhere (for throwing a fit or something) they do an extra chore. At the end of the week they get their allowance which is $1.10 (the dime for tithing). Yes, I know technically they need an extra cent to pay for the dime (B & I already argued about it), but... oh well. I win and I will throw in an extra buck in our tithing once in a while to cover it. Anyway, the kids love, love it and want to do extra chores anytime they can. Its AMAZING!! Maybe I just have awesome kids. Either way, I am doing less work and its fun to watch them do it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


For Kenna's birthday she wanted to invite five friends... she picked them out literally six months ago, and didn't forget who she wanted to come. Therefore we had, Camryn, Mia, Parker, Jack and Ryan. Which is THE BEST GROUP EVER!

We decided to do a little Tangled party. I wasn't in the mood to throw a huge birthday party for six kids, and luckily Tangled was still playing... Brent decided to take Gavin and so my friend Heather came to help out at the movie theater!

The party started, we did cake and presents (thank you to all!) and then we headed off to the movie! They were AWESOME. I got them a huge bucket of popcorn, Heather and I each a drink and we were off. We sandwiched the kids in between us and the only two 'kids' that had to go to the bathroom were Heather and I. Seriously, none of the kids moved. I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks Heath for helping out! It was awesome!

Aren't they the cutest group of four/five year olds ever?!


When Gavin turns three, that means Kenna is about to turn five. And she did. And she couldn't be happier. I swear it took three years for her to turn five. We had to make chains, charts, and count almost every day until we got to January 13th.

This little miss of mine is ALL girl... and when I say that I mean complete D.R.A.M.A. The tears come at the drop of a hat, she is super happy, and then super grumpy five minutes later... I hope that she gets all of our hormonal problems out BEFORE she is a teenager. Or I am in for it. Because I don't like doing the drama. Oh well, at least she is so sweet and the biggest help ever. She loves to do chores and be responsible. She told me the other day she can't wait to be a grown-up. I hope she just enjoys being five.

According to her, by 3:00 that afternoon, she told me she was having a rough day and that it wasn't that great! I'm not sure why. We took her to McDonald's for breakfast, she played at her friends house, and then we took her to Fiesta Fun, and then Pizza Factory. She didn't let us forget the whole day that it was her birthday and she got to do whatever she wanted...

By the end of the night, she told us it was the best birthday ever!!! So I think we succeeded.

Isn't she SO big?!

Her "Tangled" cake.


My baby is three. And he is the cutest, sweetest, craziest, laziest, naughtiest little boy ever. I can't get enough of him... actually, that's a lie. Most days I can't get enough of him... but some days, I wish I could sell him to the highest bidder... or the lowest. Either way, I love him to death.

It goes without saying how fast time goes by, but I wish it would slow down long enough for me to enjoy more time with him. I swear by the time we crawl out of bed and get ready for the day, its lunch time (seriously) and then we usually do errands, dinner and bed! No time to sit down and play all day. I don't know how you people with more than two kids do it...

He now undresses and dresses himself, can open the fridge (this is a big one for him) and can even get in the car and buckle most of his car seat. It seems like Kenna was doing things a little earlier, but I think Brent and I both baby him WAY too much. And he milks it for all its worth. Some days he will sit on the couch and ask me to get his blanket off of the floor. When I tell him to get off the couch to get it he says, "I can't... see" and then reaches his arms out and acts like he is trying. It's hilarious.

He L.O.V.E.S. to bug his sister and her friends. I can't believe that boys are honestly born with the "pestering" gene. He knows EXACTLY what to do to make her cry. And then he laughs. He laughs a lot. Especially when he gets in trouble. I know I am in for it. But for now, I'm going to enjoy him as much as possible.

Relaxing for his birthday

His Buzz cake (I know it looks kind of retarded)

Eating yogurt!!!