Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wigged out.

Makenna is obsessed with Tangled (as most of you have probably witnessed). She used to try and get me to make a blanket stay on her head so she could use it for her long Rapunzel hair. It never stayed on, and it drove both of us crazy... her, because it wouldn't stay on, and her whining because it never would stay on drove me nuts. Then. I had an idea. And this is what I came up with.

Trashy?! Possibly a little. But let me tell you. This wig has many hours of play in it already. She wears it daily (all day), hangs it up at night on her headboard, and even kisses it before she goes to bed. She has put it through monkey bars to swing on it, wears it in the stores (when I'm in a good mood), etc. She once took it to her cousins house and lost it. Unfortunately. I have never seen her cry that hard in my life. She SOBBED for over a hour. SOBBED. She could barely talk after I finally calmed her down. I'm surprised she fell asleep that night. I was laughing so hard. After another one was made, the first one was found (that's how it always goes). So she is STOKED that she has two.

She slides down her hair on the couch (funny huh?!)