Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What the HELL are these things?! I saw a chick wearing one of these at the pool the other day and about barfed. This is a decent looking one believe it or not. They have all 80's everywhere else. I'm sorry if I offended anyone that might like these...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the monster lives....

It has been gone for two years, but it is finally back. And it is not pretty. It has zits all over its face, grease dripping out of the pores, bloated, very irritable and so emotional and it can't stop eating for the life of it. What is it you might ask!? ME WITH PMS! WTF!? I hate it. I know most women don't enjoy it, but it has come back with a vengeance! I was lucky enough to not have a period since before getting pregnant with Gavin (excluding the bleeding from my IUD, which wasn't hormonal), and now that "she" is on her way, I am miserable along with the rest of the people I associate with! My poor, poor little family. I hope we all survive the next couple of weeks. And I apologize now to anyone that I might offend in the next week or so! I will try and keep my mouth shut, but sometimes things just come out that don't mean to! And as to the PMS monster- I HATE YOU and I hope you leave soon (and so does B)...

Beware of the doghouse!

This clip totally made my day. I think it is pretty dang funny! If it doesn't work go to and click on "What Life is Like in the Doghouse!" Listen to the background lady... even funnier!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stretched out

I just have to know, will my stretched out stomach ever go back to looking somewhat normal instead of looking like some lumpy, wrinkly thing? I'm sure that is way TMI, but it seems like no matter what I do, my "core"as people call it, looks the same. N-ASS-TY....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AI rundown

Bottom line... Lil' is going home. I almost fell asleep listening too her. BOOOORING! She has to be! I can't believe she has been around as long as she has. I still LOVE Danny Gokey. Especially his new grown beard. Yum. He performs well, but he is a little more conservative than Adam. I am starting to like Adam more and more. His screaming still scares me a bit, but he is a GREAT entertainer. I loved the song that Anoop sang. It is one of my all time favorite love songs... not necessarily from him, but oh well. Good job Anoop! Anyway, thats about it. I hate the new judging thing, the two at a time thing. And what in the hell was Paula wearing!? Seriously.... and does she ever complete a sentence or thought?! What a weirdo. And I don't think I have ever noticed Simons flat top before. Maybe he should try and grow a beard out like Danny....

Monday, April 13, 2009

The meaning of Easter

Yesterday in nursery I had my kids repeat "Jesus was resurrected" so they could go home and tell their family what Easter was all about. One of the little 2 1/2 year olds was repeating it to me and said (I hope this isn't sacreligious) "Jesus was erected! Jesus was erected." Anyway, that was the highlight of my Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

Let's just say, I am glad this day is OVER! Here is the run down.

I had a 44 oz. Diet Pepsi at 10:00 on Saturday night. Let's just say, not a good idea. I tossed and turned probably until at least 2:00 AM. At 3:30 AM Makenna decided to wake up so I went and crawled in bed with her to see if I would sleep better. I woke up at 5:00 and went back to my own bed.

The morning was not good. I couldn't find Gavin's pants, Kenna didn't want to get dressed, Brent had a wrinkled shirt, and I just didn't feel cute. Sacrament was a DISASTER. I'm sorry Melissa that you guys had to sit behind us. I had to do everything not to swear at Makenna because she whined the WHOLE time. I couldn't even color my nursery lesson in peace! :) Brent had Gavin and by the end of sacrament all three of them were in the hall and I was trying to breathe. Nursery kids were sad.... and the whining continued until bedtime tonight. I don't know if it was because I was just ornery the whole time, but I almost went to the gas station to get ANOTHER 44 oz. Diet Pepsi just to make myself feel better but I refrained.

This is the only picture I really got of the kids and it explains the day...

Freezing picnic

We had the annual Staheli Family picnic up at my Grandpa's farm this weekend. It was fun, but as usual the weather was very funky. In the past 26 years we have been doing this, I remember it being nice and warm, ummmmm..... probably four times. No joke. I swear it is always either, raining, snowing, just bitter cold, or so windy we are eating sand in our dutch oven potatoes instead of salt and pepper. It is always fun though and we are glad we get to do it.

This year was no exception with the weather. It was SO freaking cold. Gavin was in a sweatshirt and a heavy coat, Kenna was in her snowboarding coat and beanie and gloves, I was in a winter coat and Brent was in a jacket and froze his little tush off. We had a campfire and four canopy's to protect us from the rain. If it wasn't raining, it was windy and cold. It didn't stop the kids from having a blast and doing the Easter egg hunt. There were a lot of kids there and even more Easter eggs. I'm not sure how many eggs were hid (I don't think anyone did) but Makenna found 50 candy-filled eggs and Gavin had six. Almost all of the other kids had WAY more than 50 so they made out well. Thanks Grandpa for letting us come up there again!

First Haircut!

The time finally came for Gavin to get his first haircut. He looks completely bald, but the matter of the fact is his hair is so white, that you can't see it. He doesn't have a ton of hair, but nonetheless he had some nasty hairs that needed to be cut. So Brent got his sideburn trimmer that has a guard on it and trimmed it up. You can't hardly tell that it was cut, but thanks Keng for noticing!!! I know he really does look bald though. :)