Saturday, January 30, 2010

American's Next Top Chef?!

The husband made dinner tonight. ALL BY HIMSELF! That's right. BBQ chicken for me, steak for him (his own marinade even) and SCALLOPED POTATOES (my fave)! It was SCRUMPTIOUS! The kitchen wasn't even destroyed. (I know the plate looks kinda gross)

Monday, January 25, 2010


The Princess was saying her prayers on Saturday night and this is how it went.

".....bless Mema and Pepa. Bless Tyler on his mission..... Bless that I can go to church, NOT."

I looked at her then and said, "You can't ask that you DON'T have to go to church!" And she said, "but I don't want to go."

I thought it was funny.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


are the words that came out of my four year olds mouth. Seriously. No joke. YOU. ARE. CRAP. Yelled at my sister in law. In front of the whole family. I was MORTIFIED. The sister-in-law laughed. The mom yelled. And the daughter cried. Apologies were said and we went home.

What the heck?! This girl has some major 'tude and I am having a hard time containing it. So K, please forgive my daughter. And I apologize for any thing she might say or do... we are working on self control and manners.


The Princess had her fourth birthday party with all of her best friends. Her "very best friend ever" (her words) was sick that day so she couldn't make it, but everyone else came and had a blast! They danced, painted picture frames, danced some more, ate cupcakes, and danced even more. It is crazy what a little Alvin and the Chipmunks can do to eight 3-4 year olds.... they go CA-RAY-ZEE!!! She got a lot of awesome things, so THANK YOU everyone! :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Four years ago, I weighed 150 pounds.
Four years ago, I was officially "unemployed"
My skin was stretched to its limit.
Four years ago, I did something I had never done before.
Four years ago, my world was rocked.
By the most perfect little girl EVER.
Today, she is still perfect.
We love you Princess!
Happy Birthday!
Minutes old

One month old! (my fave picture ever!)




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WOW... awesome snowman right?!

This is what my four year old (tomorrow) brought home from school... I wonder if any of the other kids got cotton balls to put on their "Frosty the Snowman". Makes a mom proud!

Monday, January 11, 2010


OK... so I have a new blog to check out! And I am totally stoked about it. I hope all of you are too. Please check it out, it will be updated a lot more than this one, and please tell EVERYONE you know about it. Even post a post about it! Or Facebook it. I would greatly appreciate it! That would rock! Put it on your "favorite sites" list, or anywhere on your blog. Even if you hate it! :)

SO! Click{HERE}

Oh, by the way, its called She's Just Jealous! The site is

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trying to stay with it....

Well, my blog is going to be under construction while I figure a few things out. After a debate for two years, I have agreed to somewhat privatize (is that even a word!?) my blog. Therefore, I will be changing names so I don't have to go private. You will figure out who is who and all will be well (hopefully!)

Secondly, my aunt and I are starting a NEW BLOG! We are totally excited for it, and we hope that everyone will love it. It will be "going viral" on Monday, so stay tuned and please follow it! I am begging you! I will put more information on here later when it is up so check either here or on Facebook for the address. That is it for now! I am going to try and go to bed for now.. my head hurts. And my belly from eating crap for the past week and a half. But man, it has been almost worth it!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sick of it...

We have been sick at our house. And I mean SICK! It started last Monday and as of right now it hasn't stopped. Makenna woke up SUPER ornery (more than normal) and by the end of the night she wasn't eating and crying how bad her throat hurt. She started PUKING (her new favorite word) and on Tuesday she was diagnosed with tonsillitis and strep throat. Lucky her. By Thursday night, I lost my voice and still sound like some sort of drag queen (no offense to anyone that may be one), and Gavin woke up early Saturday morning throwing up, with a fever and diarrhea. Exciting huh?! He still is battling this little demon and I am so sick of cleaning up poop. I start dry heaving every time I have to change his diaper (luckily I put him back in a diaper and not his 'wears as he calls them) and Kenna asks me if I am going to puke every time (like I said before, it is her new favorite word). I can't even control it. On Sunday Brent had to do all the clean up from his throw up because I couldn't stomach the smell... not that that matters. The 'rhea is still coming strong and he has hardly eaten anything since Saturday. Poor kid. All he says is "potty" after the incident has happened because he can't even help it.

I am just wondering, where is there a handbook that says the best way to clean up poop!? When I gave birth and they sent me home with babies that I didn't know what to do with, there was no pamphlet saying how to handle exploding diapers. Maybe that is because I might have just left the kids there knowing I may have to deal with this eventually.

All of this rambling doesn't matter. I just feel bad for my little boy, and I feel bad for myself. My house reeks of this wretched scent. I hope we all get over this soon and that my biggest baby doesn't get it!!! Because Kenna, Gavs and I will all be in trouble then!

Oh, and for anyone's information... (I found this quite interesting) The doctor said that kids can lose 10% of their body weight within hours of having this bug. I took him yesterday for his two year check and he weighs the same he did six months ago so obviously he has lost a few pounds. Wouldn't that be awesome as adults to lose 10% of your body weight when you got sick!? I don't think people would worry so much about getting flu shots! :) Off to sterilize some more...

Monday, January 4, 2010

TWO cute!

So it is official. My baby is TWO. That's right TWO! And I LOVE it.... LOVE IT! I am not a huge baby fan if you didn't already know, but I yove, yove, YOVE this age. He says his L's with a Y. (hence the "yove" word) He is saying so many words and sentences right now. The phrase that made me laugh the other day was "HEY YOU KID!" I don't have a clue where he picked that up but it was totally random and hilarious.

He is a little mischievous monkey, but we love it. And he knows it. He is also very stubborn and opinionated (we aren't sure where that came from HA!). He yoves his sister Kenna and he also loves to torture his sister. He is ALL boy. Oh boy Gavs. We YOVE you!

Let's reminisce with pictures of the last two years.... I will even post a prego picture for a good laugh!

I don't know what is wrong with my face. Michael Jackson syndrome?

So new and cute! Sorry if that is too graphic!

Love/hate at first sight!

He L.O.V.E.S. his dad!

One years old! Still does!

Two years old!
Even more now!

Isn't he so grown up?! :(