Monday, August 2, 2010


As I was finishing my last post (scroll down to next one for your viewing pleasure), Gavin gracefully walked into the office (mind you he has been asleep for 2 1/2 hours) and said, "I want my yamp (lamp) on". And walked back in. So I followed him with the camera to just show everyone how freaking cute he is. Especially when he is tired.

He laid down because he didn't want me to take his pic.

All tucked back in!


So, I grew up on a farm. That's right. A farm. And when I say farm I mean this. My grandpa has a few horses, cows (we kept one and fed it bottles), my siblings and I each had a sheep that we sold for lots of money ($56 bucks), and my brother once caught a chicken that laid an egg. One egg. I got paid $1.00 per gopher that we caught in the hay field. We were real redneck I tell ya. Oh, and I don't ride horses.

I don't mind going to a rodeo every once in awhile. I don't like the dust, cow poop, or the rodeo clowns voice (have you ever noticed they all have the same fake yeehaw accent!?), but I love going to watch.

However, I DO love the overly expensive candy and pop, snow cones, and all of the girls that think they are all hot stuff in their short shorts and cowboy(girl) boots. If you want to see some awesome fashion, go to the Enterprise Rodeo. That is where we ended up spending the 24th of July this year! Gavin was enthralled the whole time. Every time a bull went back in after the ride, he would go "I want another one out!"

Kenna and Gavs went to chase chickens. Luckily they were kind of late and didn't catch one. What the heck would I do with a chicken!? We stayed for half of the rodeo (and still didn't leave until 10:30). Thanks for dinner at the Red Dog Cafe Dad (don't we sound real redneck!?) and the fun at the rodeo! It was a blast...

Eating at the Red Dog Cafe (I got my sisters good side hopefully)

Gavin's cowboy hat. He didn't want to wear a real one.

Kenna and Cam... aren't they so cute!

Gavs and Pepa. Best buds.

The chicken chase with my little bro.