Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seattle and everything in between

I have seriously slacked a lot on blogging. Multiple reasons, which don't matter. Either way, I'm back at it and here I go with our latest vacay of Seattle.

We left last Wednesday at 5:30 AM. It was SO DANG early, but the kids thought it was greatest thing on earth to wake up in the middle of the night to go get on an airplane. When we hit Vegas (and the sun was up) Gavin said, "Yook Mom! The sun is awake!" We got all situated in the airport and then had to wait to board until all of the early bird "A" people boarded. Which unfortunately was half the airplane. By the time I boarded everyone had spread out and there wasn't a row left for the three of us. Meaning I had to get the flight attendants on the PA to tell everyone to scoot over because there wasn't room. We ended up sitting in front of these cute boys with one being named Gavin as well. The kids did AMAZING on the flight and we landed and Gavin saw Brent he said "Yook! There is my dada right over there!" It was super cute, considering he hadn't seen him for 3 1/2 weeks...

Brent took us down to Puyallup (I still can't pronounce it right) where my good friend Cori and her kids were staying! They graciously allowed us to crash their vacation and parents home for the few days we were there. Luckily they were there because Brent had a lot of work to do, so we didn't see him a whole lot.

Thursday, Cori, her sister Honor, and I decided to venture out and take our kids to the Point Defiance Zoo. There were 11 kids and 3 adults and it actually wasn't too bad of a day! Then we went to Cori's dads house to pick raspberries which Makenna refused to eat...

Friday, we went up to Anacortes (or San Juan Islands) and went to Friday Harbor. It was fun except the ferry ride home when Gavin wouldn't stop screaming "ME-MA!" (what he calls my mom) at the top of his lungs for the whole ride. I could have cut his vocal chords after that. We survived though and slept most of the way home!

Saturday we went to a beach called Owen's Beach. Now, if you haven't been up to the Seattle area, their beaches are not sandy or warm. Rather, rocky and freezing cold! But we still had fun and were able to take our sweat shirts off by the middle of the afternoon.

Monday we boarded the plane and came to warm, sunny St. George!!! Thanks to George and Judie for allowing us to crash their basement and to the Hench's for letting us tag along with them! We loved it!

Waiting to board...

Waiting to take off....

Sleeping (supposedly)

Getting ready to land...

Gavin and Gavin

I found about 15 of these pictures on the camera... What a girl!

Here we go!

The zoo (obviously)

Kenna and a goat

Their "real life" spider web

9 of the 11 children.

Kenna the hermit crab

Can you tell its a bit cold?!

I threatened no snacks if they didn't smile....

They smiled and got ice cream for lunch.

At the beach

Aren't they so cute...

Some of the girls

A real crab... Dead, but real
Sunday, we decided to give the Hench's a break from us, so we headed up to downtown Seattle and go to the Pacific Science Center. The kids loved it! There were so many different exhibits to go see. The favorite was the butterfly exhibit, where you went into this huge greenhouse type thing with tropical trees, ponds and so forth with hundreds of different butterflies that just flew randomly. It was awesome. They also had a dinosaur section, circus section, small planetarium, tide pool thing, and other hands on things! It was a blast.

Dinosaur print

They don't ride horses in Seattle

Dressing up in the circus

One of my highlights was our rental vehicle. They were out of the "standard" car, so we ended up getting upgraded to a Ford Flex. It is a funny looking car, but super nice on the inside and it was 'magical'. And this is what I mean by magical.

This is how the kids were most of the time in the car. Even when we went on a two hour drive one way, they both slept 1 1/2 hours of the trip. Both ways. Gavin even fell asleep one time at 9:30 in the morning... what the crap. It was awesome.

For any of you who are interested, this is what Brent's place looks like. I decided to give everyone a visual. (just picture this with a funny smell)
Living room/office

Kitchen (what gave it away)

Brent's bed. Love his bright orange sheets and bedspread. He picked them out all on his own!!!