Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This weeks lowdown....

Well, I am sitting here watching American Idol and I realized that I haven't blogged about it this year. I'm sure that most people don't care and you can agree or disagree, we all have opinions (words straight from Simon) and so here is the lowdown from tonight's show.GORGEOUS! Interesting voice. And I thought I couldn't dance! She should play an instrument or something to keep her still. If only I could look something like her! GORGEOUS.BORING. Need I say more?

He tried a bit too hard, but he overall is good. I liked him in the beginning and like him OK now. What's up with his hair lately?!

He needs to go... He has a nice voice, but bye bye to him! And maybe thin the brows a little bit.

LOVE. My favorite. He brought tears to my eyes tonight with his song and yummy voice! :)

I love his voice, love his look, but needs to shave the scruff. I love scruff, but not on him

Her round is not "lil". She is pretty, but she needs to go home to her kiddos.

If you close your eyes he is pretty good, but nothing like Justin Timberlake like they said. What was up with him playing the keyboard around a bunch of people?! CHEESY! And he isn't as cute as he thinks he is.

For some reason her picture isn't working but that is probably because she looked FREAKY tonight. What in the hell were the stylists' thinking?! Good voice, not a good look.

And there you have it folks....

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This little box, is off the hook.....
This is Brent, and my first time posting. I don't approve of blogs but you have got to check this out. My company has gone GREEN. We are selling energy saving products and services you all must have. Check out this little power box. It will save you at least 10 to 20 percent off your monthly power bill you will be paying either way. The full retail is only $550.00 installed. Anyone who catches it on this blog I will give you a $50.00 discount and you will start saving money today. I will arrange the install by a licensed Electrician. Now that's not all; If you buy a Power Save 1200 and refer 5 of your family members or friends I will personally write you a check for the retail value of the box excluding install of course. You really can't afford not to order yours today. Check out our website for more info www.bestenergykit.com. The special pricing and referral program is not available on the site. I have one installed at my house and I can show you at anytime. I hope I don't make a habit of blogging after this post.
To place an order, please post comment, I will reply asap.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting FIT

Well, spring has sprung (that sounds weird) and once again this Monday is going to be the day I start to work out, eat better, and not be so damn ornery! So, I have decided to maybe have a food journal, exercise journal and a temper monitor on here... so you don't have to even look at it, but maybe it will curb my sweet tooth or something-

The next Olympian

My mom and dad wanted to take my little THREE year old Kenna to BrianHead to see what she could do on skis. I saw the video and she freakin' ROCKED!!! She was going down little hills all by herself! She was even dancing with her arms she was so good. I have to figure out how to get the video on here, but until then, look how cute she looks! Thanks Pepa for being so patient!

Not "real" hikers

We are not the hiking type. We don't have Nalgene bottles, Teva's, granola or cargo pants (I think that is what hikers have and no offense if you have these items), but instead had cans of Diet Pepsi, flip flops, candy and jeans. Even though we don't fit the steriotypical hiker brand we thought it would be fun taking the kids hiking. Since we are blessed to live in a place with so many different hikes, we thought we would start easy and move our way up.

Our first hike was the Red Hill. I didn't know that hiking is what it was used for. Back in the day it was for the bucket run, senior sunrise, making out or bumper jumping. Either way, B and I decided that we would take the kids hiking. My parents had this old school backpack that they used when I was a toddler so I got to sport that sweet hunny around with Gavin. We had a picnic on the top of the rock and had a good time! Maybe we will try The Subway next week... Anyone care to join us?! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Terry Fator

I don't know how many people have really heard of Terry Fator, but Brent sure has. He is the ventriloquist that won America's Got Talent a few years ago. Brent has been dying to go to a show since he won over a couple of years ago. I then found out on Oprah that he had a one hundred MILLION dollar contract with The Mirage down in Vegas. So for Brent's birthday (in December) I bought him tickets for February 19th (earliest show). We went and LOVED it! It was SO DANG GOOD! We laughed, almost cried, and had a great time. If anyone is down there and has $100 extra bucks to blow (that is for TWO tickets total), go see the show. He even let us bring cameras in to record him. I recorded some clips, but they aren't working so SORRY! You will have to go for yourself! :) Let us know if you need company. We want to go again. Our $21.00 treats. A bag of M&M's, popcorn, and a drink.
(we think they overcharged us on something)

Don't mind the random people. He is a little man though.

What the CRAP!?

Lately Kenna has been going in the bathroom and being there for five minutes with the door shut and locked. What is she doing you might ask in a bathroom by herself for five minutes?! Pooping. That is right. Pooping. She seriously is sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom. She must be taking notes from her father. I didn't know a three year old could sit that long, but she can and does!