Friday, October 30, 2009

Preschool Program

On Thursday, Makenna had her very first preschool program! It was so dang cute. They sang three songs: I'm a mean old witch (and I don't think they were singing it about me, but I'm not sure) Five Little Pumpkins, and Stirring Brew... she sang them pretty well for the most part. She loves going to preschool even though she says she doesn't feel good every time she wakes up. Her teacher rocks this world, the kids are great, and the learning is even better!

Right before school

The line-up

Makenna and her two cute boyfriends

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Early morning conversation

It was my turn to do the pre-school carpool this morning and this is the conversation I heard. I was laughing my head off. And just so you know... Makenna wasn't in on this conversation. Just the boys in the car!

R to P: My dad is bigger than your dad.
P: My dad is bigger than your dad.
P: Your MOM is bigger than my mom! (no joke he said that)
R: My mom is bigger than your mom!
J: My mom has BIG arms!
J: My dad has bigger arms!
R: My dad is bigger than my mom.
R: My dad is BIG.
P: So is my dad.

I thought it was HILARIOUS.... and I didn't think kids actually had this sort of conversation! I guess I was wrong!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Martin Halloween Party

We had the annual Martin Halloween party this past Monday, and once again thanks to Gloria, Jill and Kengie it was a blast! I was assigned to bring one of the desserts and I thought they turned out pretty cute...

I decided for Brent and I that we weren't going to dress up this year. I wasn't really in the mood, plus I ran out of time and didn't know what we would be. So, I ended up being an ornery mom and Brent was Brent!!! The kids were cute though!

At the beginning of the month Makenna wanted to be Kate Hudson (thanks grandma!) but she wanted to wear Cinderella's dress.... then she changed her mind to Sleeping Beauty (which I didn't mind since she had the dress) and then she decided she wanted to be Ariel (which we didn't have). Luckily at the last minute she changed her mind once again (can you tell she is a girl?!) and finally decided to be Snow White (which thankfully we had the dress for).... Gavin told me he wanted to be a cowboy really bad, so we borrowed all of Bonnie's boys stuff (thanks Bon!) and he was set!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our new addition...

I just found a real live mouse in the trash can sitting about ten inches from me. Just hanging out rustling the two pieces of paper in there. Lucky for me, my big strong husband came out to save it (or me)... I'm not scared of mice, but it sure startled me. And not only that, did you know that they can jump!? I about wet my pants when it started jumping, trying to get out of the can. Thank goodness it was in the office (which is on the side of the garage) and not actually in my house. For a second there, I thought I was back living at my parents house finding random mice in places. Brent wanted to squish it, but once he saw how "cute" it was, we decided to let him out in the wild (down the storm drain near our house). Hopefully I won't find one trying to make a nest in my hair tonight- could you imagine!?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bored, random thoughts

This morning I turned on the computer and saw that Barack Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize. I had no clue what the requirements were for the prize so I looked it up. If you don't know either, click{here}.

My thought/question is this. What the heck did he do to win it in the time he has been in office!? He was officially in office 11 days before the nomination should have been cast in. I'm a bit confused about it but whatever... more importantly!

The man that I love (and most of America) got married last night. He married his supposed soul-mate (since I was already taken) but I am OK with it. I cried myself to sleep last night, but Brent told me it was going to be OK... hopefully he is right. The Office was SO good last night. LOVED IT!

I am so proud of my little Gav-Man! He is doing so great with his potty training. He is almost completely trained! He wakes up dry from his naps and everything! Good boy Gavs....

I'm so over Halloween.

I'm glad that SYTYCD is on for the fall season! I am even more excited that the auditions are over and we can almost start the COMPETITION!

Five Guys Burgers is pretty good! They were fairly quick for how many people were there. You can serve yourself all the peanuts you want except they have the boxes on top of the trash cans which I thought was nasty. I would definitely recommend going there! It is better than Fazoli's!

Man, I lead a boring life.... I need a boyfriend or something since my husband isn't around to keep me entertained nightly. But then again- he just got married last night.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Her trash, my treasure!

My little sister has a major shopping problem, and I LOVE it! The best thing she, she has good taste and decided to start cleaning her closet out. Which means, that I got TWENTY, thats right TWENTY! pairs of pants, shorts or capris. I am so glad she decided to start purging her closet. I can't wait for the tops and dresses to come my way! The crazy thing is, I bet she still has at least 20 more pairs of pants at her house! Thanks Bree!