Friday, September 21, 2012

Two months down!

12 pounds (56%)
23 1/4" (67%)

All checked out well at the doctors!  He is growing like crazy and now fitting into three month clothes!  He is now smiling and cooing at us which we love.  He absolutely hates it when the kids get in his face and mug all over him (who wouldn't.)  He is eating four ounces every three hours, but could probably eat six.  Ever since his stupid shots, he has been spitting up like crazy which is super annoying.  His head has now outgrown his hair so he has that old man look, but hey! He has hair.  Which is more than I could say about Gavin.

All I can say is, it is a good thing that he is so freaking cute.  As most people know, I do not like the newborn stage.  I don't find it enjoyable at all.  This time around I have tried to enjoy it more because I am fairly certain he is our last.  I sat and held him for the first two weeks (maybe it's because  I could barely walk) and loved it for the most part, but then he got fussy from when he was about a month old for a couple of weeks. I know it is normal, but it still drives me crazy.  But then he started smiling and showed his cute little dimples and all was right in our home! :)  He was so, so good for about two weeks and then he got his damn shots.  They screw everything up I swear.  As important as they are.  We are on the tail end of his grumpiness I think (or hope).  Poor little guy.

I wish I could say that he was the perfect baby (as most people say about their babies), but he isn't and I'm OK with that, because he is by far cuter than any of the "perfect" non-crier, sleep through the nights, never fussy babies.  We love him to pieces and wouldn't change him for anything.

PS.  He is ALMOST perfect.... almost.


HeatherStout said...

Aww, I'm a sucker for dimples!!! Love it:) How are you guys? It's been a while.....

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, he is sooooo freaking cute! Look at those adorable die for!! :)